Thread's fearless leader, Keith, is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for leveraging technology to build genuinely helpful products. Keith's entrepreneurial journey began at the age of 16, when he created a marketplace for second-hand collectibles. After selling that company in 2013, while pursuing a management degree at ESSEC, he co-founded Power-user, a productivity software for Powerpoint users. He left in 2017 to develop an innovative investment strategy based on big data and analytics. After a 4 year stint, Keith returned to his entrepreneurial roots in 2020 to create Thread, a collaborative workspace that helps investment teams build and share investment knowledge faster.

Keith is very passionate about food, both at and outside of work. He was unanimously declared the Best Restaurant Guide by the rest of the team and is the best person you can go to for food recommendations!

Gabriela is a senior designer who’s been immersed in the design landscape for over 10 years, and thrives at the intersection of brand and product challenges. After working at several Parisian startups and software companies, she joined Thread as Lead Designer in July 2020. At Thread, she drives design execution and methodologies that help business and engineering teams to build a unique experience for Thread users.

Gabriela is obsessed with music and mixed media art, and on a typical Sunday, you may find her creating digital collages or playing music.

Mihir is the Product Manager at Thread and drives product strategy, discovery, and execution throughout the Product Lifecycle. He is the Voice of Guidance for all-things-product and is the man who's responsible for defining the product vision, working closely with engineering, design, and sales to ensure the company’s overall goals are met. Mihir graduated from HEC Paris in 2019 and worked on different B2B SaaS products before joining Thread. Prior to that, he built hardware products himself, as an engineer.

If you don't see Mihir filling the whiteboards at Thread with complex workflows, he's most likely skiing or hiking in the mountains.

Thread's Data Engineer, Jean-Baptiste(JB), is the man behind some of the most complex AI algorithms being developed at the company. He joined the company in its early days, after graduating from UTC, Paris with a degree in Computer Science. Although JB is the Data Guru at Thread, being a jack of all trades, he's often involved in most aspects of product development.

Subarna is the most recent addition to the Thread team and works on special projects, on an ad-hoc basis. After graduating from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign with a degree in Economics and Computer Science, she worked at a venture fund in San Francisco as their Lead for Strategy and Operations. Following this, she spent some time in India, developing growth strategies at a media startup, and recently moved to Paris to pursue a degree in management at ESSEC.

As a new transplant to the city, she is still pretty smitten by the Parisian charm. So if you see an overly excited person, hopping from one boulangerie to another around the Thread office, you've spotted her!

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Thread is a digital workspace that brings together investment teams, insights, and data to make decisions more collaborative and efficient.

For years, investment teams, insights, and data have been dispersed across documents, spreadsheets, apps, geographies, and departments, forcing analysts and managers to switch between multiple tools to conduct analysis. Instead of focusing on elaborating investment theses, they spend a significant amount of their time producing and compiling information on Excel sheets. At the same time, access to an overbearing amount of data makes it challenging to identify actionable insights fast, and make decisions less transparent, even confusing when different people within the same team use different frameworks and datasets.

So, Thread was founded in 2020 to empower investment teams find, organize, and contextualize data with ease and bring clarity to a complex investment world.

What they are looking for

Skills can be taught but not grit and conviction, so Thread focuses on growing its team with passionate leaders who truly enjoy working on tough problems.

New hires are tested for the 4Hs that Thread's culture is built on -

  • HUNGER: Curiosity and drive to discover ways to improve the product and elevate the Thread experience
  • HUMILITY: Growth-oriented mindset, with a willingness to be challenged (/ proven wrong 😊), and learn new things every day
  • HAPPINESS: Optimism with a propensity to see opportunities in challenges
  • HELPFULNESS: Shared sense of purpose, rooted in empathy, with concern for others' failures and celebration of collective wins

Good to know

  • Once a year, the entire team goes on a 3-day retreat to a 13th-century castle in Burgundy. This gives everyone a chance to realign on shared values outside of the office
  • Their office is merely a 3-minute walk away from Jardin du Palais Royal, and everyone on the team is a fan of doing outdoor meetings there. Some of the most complex problems at Thread continue to be solved on coffee strolls, at Palais Royal
  • Everyone at Thread has at least 2 things in common - Passion to build an awesome product, and Food! So, every Friday, the team tries out a new restaurant for lunch, and it's on the house!

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