Senior IT Engineer F/M/N

Permanent contract
Salary: Not specified
A few days at home
Experience: > 7 years
Education: Master's Degree


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The position

Job description

😎 Your futur position

You will join the corporate IT team, in charge of delivering IT services on the 3 main fields : end user devices (laptop, smartphones), office IT services (wi-fi, visio meeting rooms, printing) and SaaS environments

Your future missions will be focus on design, build, deploy, maintain and improve continuously the core IT platform. This include:

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)

  • Corporate network (WAN/LAN/WIFI)

  • Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

  • Transversal SaaS applications (incl. collaboration and productivity tools)

The objective is to move forward to a more powerful and contextualised IT regarding the user experience. For instance, having all needed accesses and applications installed from day 1, always secured and up-to-date applications on devices, user self-service requests with automations, etc.

You will be a leader for this scope, proposing evolutions in terms of design and technologies, and pushing implementations changes carefully because our user experience is key.

Leading comes with responsibilities so you’ll be in charge of testing everything before the deployment, documenting all the implementation, changes and processes. With the team we have the ownership to provide smooth and high level quality IT Services.

Technical stack: Microsoft Azure AD, Okta, Palo Alto, Cisco Meraki, Google Workplace, Slack, Notion, …

🚀 Your future impact

We are convinced that everyone matters. Everyone at Swile has a huge impact on our Business Strategy. And what will be yours?

🌎 Your impact on Swile
▪ Enable fast and secure Internet access and private network at Swile’s offices
▪ Maintain efficient, updated and secured devices
▪ Provide a unique digital identity, with associated roles and accesses to all Swilers

👫 Your impact on the team
▪ System and development skills in the team
▪ Higher level of support (L3)
▪ Automation builder

🥇 Your future team / stakeholders

🏢 Organization
▪ Louis-Marie (manager)
▪ Simon (teammate)

🎯 Key Stakeholders
▪ IT Services Team
▪ Dev platform team
▪ SecOps team
▪ Software engineering teams

Preferred experience

🍎 What to expect over 1 year

📅 Expectations (3 months)
▪ Full understand of our IT platform
▪ Setting all monitoring and controls on our production
▪ Start of Okta foundations

📅 Expectations (6 months)
▪ Better security score on laptops
▪ Full stability on our networks
▪ Global IT platform evolution roadmap

📅 Expectations (12 months and more)
▪ Okta used by everyone and 20 applications integrated at least
▪ Successfull management of our 1500+ devices
▪ Decrease of hardware / software / access requests and incidents by 20%
▪ Core platform compliant with standard certification requirements (such as SOC2)

✨ It will be a perfect match if you

▪ Have already designed and deployed Okta
▪ Have experience at one programming language at least
▪ Have a certification on our technical stack
▪ Have an experience with VPNs
▪ Love to write technical documentation and diagrams
▪ Are fluent in english

Recruitment process

🔥 Our Hiring process :

We have a 5-step process. 5 steps to convince you that Swile is the right choice for your future career.

During these steps, you will meet:

▪ Marie from the Hiring Tech Team for 45min
▪ Louis-Marie your future manager for 1 hour
▪ Louis Marie and Simon (team member) for a study case for 1 hour
▪ Antoine (Security Engineer) & Eric (Procurement Director) for a cultural fit meeting for 1 hour
▪ Vivian, your future N+2, for 1 hour

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