Senior iOS Developer (Swift) Product Card - Fullremote 🇫🇷 - H/F/N


Senior iOS Developer (Swift) Product Card - Fullremote 🇫🇷 - H/F/N

The company



  • Mobile Apps, Foodservice, FoodTech
  • From 250 to 2000 employees

The job

Senior iOS Developer (Swift) Product Card - Fullremote 🇫🇷 - H/F/N

Who are they?

👾 Engineering at Swile

Engineering at Swile is about building and maintaining the most reliable and scalable worktech platform to provide an amazing experience for our millions of users.

We are working on exciting projects that made unique the way people use employee benefits : 1001 ways to connect but only 1 app needed to pay, chat, network, praise, celebrate and bring out the best in teams. To be more concrete, our platform is made up of several applications and micro-services, each of which has its own database and API, all unified inside our mobile app and web app.

If you zoom into our technical stack, we are using Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Typescript, Node, React, Kotlin & Swift. But we believe an experienced developer can be programming in any (and many) languages, so don’t get shy if you don’t see your language of choice.

Our software engineering pipelines are powered by a CICD allowing us to deploy in production hundreds of times a day. Complementing all of this, we can rely on our strong cyber-security team.

We believe in tribes mode, the Engineering department (150+ people) is divided into feature teams spread over our 4 Tribes, one tribe for each scope of our product (Card, Connect, Affiliation & Core).

  • Swile Card (Meal vouchers, gifts, mobility, travels… ) => You’ll be here 📍
  • Swile Connect (Social app, pulse surveys…)
  • Swile Affiliates (E-commerce and merchant platform)
  • Swile Core (Security, payment, developper experience, platform)

Dispatched among these tribes, we have 12 feature teams and 11 transversal support teams of talented, committed, and passionate engineers organized in agile feature teams with a lot of product interaction. Each team can self-organize and adapt its rituals but typically they have daily stand-ups, grooming, and planning sessions, retrospectives, and demos. We promote guilds to allow communities of practice to gather and share, along with a real autonomy to drive this practice at Swile and decide on technological choices. We also have bi-weekly Inno Hands meetings where people can present on various tech topics related to their work at Swile or not.

Last but not least, we are in Montpellier and Paris but we can choose to work whenever we want in France or Europe in full remote like 70% of the engineering team.

Want to know more about Swile?Company culture, teams, technical stack, jobs... Let's go for an immersion!
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Job description

😎 Your future position :

We are looking for iOS Developers in full remote, in Paris or in Montpellier! 🌈

You will join a team of 8 developers and participate in the construction and development of your technical team in order to achieve our challenging iOS roadmap 😉

As part of the Personal Finance team, you will be at the heart of the user experience at Swile. If you like to have an impact on the UX through well-constructed UIs, you’re in the right place.

Next to the team, you like to participate in transversal topics within the iOS Guild and lead with the rest of the iOS developers the discussions and directions to be taken to harmonize and keep the iOS application at the top level.

Your missions :

  • Develop new functionalities using Swift, SwiftUI, RX or Combine
  • Improved user experience (UX / UI) in collaboration with designers
  • Maintenance and updating of the application
  • Improve the collective performance of your team both technically (style, architecture, design) and human (collaboration, organization, etc.)
  • Exchange with the different squads of the Tribe, build relevant monitoring metrics
  • Participate in team meetings, agile ceremonies, and roadmap construction
  • Ensure the consistency and homogeneity of cross-squad developments
  • Taking part or/and leading the iOS guild (community of iOS developers).

🥇Your future team :

At Swile, developers are first and foremost engineers! Each engineer is expected to assume the role of Feature Owner and for his features, framed these 3 levels of needs:

  • the product (in collaboration with the Product Manager)
  • the design (in collaboration with the Designer)
  • the tech architecture (in collaboration with stakeholders, team members or external).

You will join the Personal Finance team, composed of multidisciplinary developers.

The team’s application scope is Swile’s showcase.
Wallets, transactions, card options are the daily business of the team, and the challenges are numerous.

The features to be developed are presented by Quarter.
The team then defines its roadmap, according to the requests from several sources (business, run, optimizations, etc.).

The topics are tackled in two-week sprints and are organized around team rituals that help to discuss what just happened (retrospective) and to plan what will be developed (sprint planning). The managerial follow-up is done through weekly one-to-ones and other exchanges and workshops.

Preferred experience

🤖 Our tech culture will match with your ambitions if you like…

  • You have a solid experience in mobile first applications
  • You are performance oriented and have already worked on high volume apps
  • You are recognized for your expertise on Swift UI and you work with the latest versions of iOS
  • You are a good speaker and know how to summarize your ideas quickly
  • You have a strong product appetite and want to participate in its construction and vision
  • The challenges linked to technical issues of scalability and microservices
  • Rigor and evolving in a context guided by good practices (clean code, testing, design patterns, SOLID principles …)
  • Working with remote teams, and fostering a fun, healthy, and collaborative team dynamic
  • The concept of learning/sharing/mentoring (guild, devops, monitoring, meet-up, conf …)
  • To have ownership with your team over your projects and your code, while being able to Contribute to any teams’ code if needed or willing to
  • The idea of building a fully real-time platform for hundreds of thousands users across the world
  • To be able to interact with lots of different people outside engineering to bring the best product to our users.

Recruitment process

🔥 Our hiring process :

First screen : a 45 minute video interview with a tech recruiter from the hiring super team
Hiring Manager interview : 60 min with your future Manager Jordan : evaluation of soft/hard skills, team fit, background, team/job information
Tech case : Home assignment + 1h technical interview with 2 developers of the IOS team
Swile interview : an essential step, our cultural fit! This will be the opportunity for you to talk about your motivations and values by meeting 2 Swilers from other departments.
Final Round : 45 minutes with Eric our CTO

🎙 In our process we commit to :

  • Being available, transparent in our feedback and show kindness during our exchanges
  • Considering people from all backgrounds, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion
  • Treating every candidate as an equal in the hiring process
  • Creating an inclusive and diverse team where every Swiler can thrive. We respect and value the wealth of cultures, perspectives, skills, and varied experiences within our teams, which is why we seek talented —individuals from all backgrounds.

💜 Our values :

At Swile, the values we hold are essential, they are part of us, our culture and our DNA. You won’t see them posted on our office walls, but rather inscribed in every Swiler. If you want to know more, you can check here!
And to confirm all this ? Nothing is better than transparency !



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