Account Manager

  • Permanent contract 
  • Possible full remote

The company



  • SaaS / Cloud Services, Software

The job

Account Manager

  • Permanent contract 
  • Possible full remote


In the digital age, content rules.
Production and distribution have shifted from the few to the many. We have all become the media, the media has been marginalized and brands are now broadcasters.
Everyone has a story to tell or something to sell. A need to create and connect, post and publish, showcase and share.

So, say hello to Strapi! They exist to fuel the world’s creativity and productivity
by unleashing the power of content.
So they’ve built the next generation CMS that does exactly that. Across the full lifecycle and the entire stack.
It’s open-source. Javascript. Headless. Community first. And free. And will stay that way. Forever.

Job description

After the release of Strapi Enterprise Edition in June 2020, Strapi has quickly grown its customer base. This customer base includes important accounts that represent a great opportunity to expand: AECOM, Rakuten, Mitsubishi, etc.

The first Business Development Manager, Quentin, joined in November 2020 to manage incoming leads from the marketing.

In January 2021, the first Customer Success Manager has joined the User Success Team in order to be aligned with product usage & adoption best practices value.

In May 2021, Strapi has decided to prepare its Expansion Strategy and open an Account Manager position.

Our Mission with Customers:

Deliver the right value proposition to make sure that Strapi is the best fit for our customers' projects.

As an Account Manager in a Community & Product-driven company, we're expecting you to be very curious about the product and not fearing to put your hands in it to make your own experiments. That's part of our Passion and Ownership values.

We want our Sales to be seen as Trusted Advisors more than Business Starving. Care for your customer, load them with Strapi mindset & Positivity and always act in full Transparency.

For more information, come to say hi on the Community Forum or test Strapi.

🙏🏾 Why your role is important at Strapi

Are you an Account Manager who is passionate about B2B/SaaS software?

The Sales team at Strapi is currently looking to add an Account Manager with strong experience in B2B/SaaS software.

You will partner very closely with Quentin, Business Development Manager, Pierre, CEO, as well as Maxime, Customer Success Manager. You’ll have the unique opportunity to build and iterate on our expansion strategy.


This role is remote.

📋 How do my job will look like at on a daily basis?

  • Account Mapping: design an org chart in each account map the different departments/teams and identify the right stakeholder.
  • Sales Outbound: promote Strapi usage inside our customers' organizations to new people so they can expand their usage and order additional licenses.
  • Onboard the Customer Success Manager: as a key benefit for customer success, add your teammate in new conversions to make them adopt the product best practices.
  • Daily Business: answer all Sales-related customers' daily questions, especially pricing & contract.
  • Renewal Management: "Gold" customers renewal at not automatic since we do not use credit card payment for them. It's your responsibility, with CSM's support, to anticipate the renewal period and make sure we receive a new purchase order in time.
  • Feedback sharing: as in the "first-in-line" position, you collect a lot of feedback about the product usage to share with the Strapi Team. Do not forget: "feedback is gold".
  • 💙 About you:

  • Previous experience in B2B/SaaS software
  • Ability to make our customer successful and expand with additional projects
  • Love challenging and deep complex solving environment
  • Bonus if you already worked in a remote company before
  • 🙌🏽 Why joining the tribe:

  • Human and passionate team
  • Open source mindset
  • Scale stage: still everything to be done
  • Remote environment
  • 👾 Strapi benefits mindset:

  • Healthcare
  • Flexible hours
  • PTO policy
  • Inclusive parental leave
  • Stock Options for everyone
  • 💥 Our Talent Acquisition process:

  • This process tends to takes 2-3 weeks max, but happy to adapt to your specific needs.
  • First video call with the hiring manager
  • Technical assessment
  • Assessment debriefing
  • Team meetings (with a few Strapiers)
  • Founder call
  • References check
  • Values assessment
  • Closing interview
  • At any moment, the process can stop, and the team will be happy to give you a call to share their feedback or get into more details if you want.
  • Want to learn more about us? Take a look at our website:

    Meet the Strapi team

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