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About Mindmesh

📜 About us

Mindmesh launched as Product Hunt #1 product of the day on 4/19/22 https://www.producthunt.com/posts/mindmesh

Mindmesh is the workspace that puts you in control. Centralize work, notes, todos, and meetings. Bring in work from all your tools - Gmail, Slack, Jira... Jump back in in an instant. Focus on what you should be doing, right now.

Mindmesh is a seed funded Y Combinator startup (YC S21), building a tool to help product oriented teams, and especially product managers, solve context switching and information fragmentation.

Spot was founded in 2020 and is based in Paris, France. Our offices are at Agoranov - one of France's best incubator - just near the Jardin du Luxembourg.

🎁 Perks and Culture

🏝 Remote work. All employees are entitled to up to 3 days of remote work per week. Full-remote work is possible for certain positions - don't hesistate to ask if this is something you'd be interested in and the job offer doesn't mention it.

⏰ Flexible hours. As long as you're there for important meetings, and as long as you're doing what you're supposed to do, you pretty much pick when you need to work.

đŸ„ Top notch healthcare. We provide all employees with top private healthcare ("mutuelle") plans.

đŸœ Lunch is on us. There is such a thing as a free lunch. When we're back in the office, lunch is on us. Also (healthy) snacks.

👹‍🎓 Learning and sharing. Knowledge is at the heart of Spot's mission. We value, above all, the sharing of knowledge between all employees, open and transparent work and uninhibited conversation between all employees, from the CEO to the newest intern. We provide regular trainings and continuous learning opportunities to all employees.

🏠 Ownership. Ownership is another major concept in our product - it's no surprise that it's also major for our culture. When you work at Spot, you become the owner of whatever you're working on. We want you to be an expert at whatever you're doing.

  • Employees

    < 15 employees
  • Location

  • Sectors

    SaaS / Cloud Services

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    Le constat : La majorité des agences se positionnent en simples exécutants alors qu'elles devraient adopter une posture d'associés.

    La mission : DĂ©bloquer le potentiel des entrepreneurs grĂące Ă  la technologie.

    Sauf que cela demande d'ĂȘtre capable de parler business et de gĂ©rer les relations humaines : de comprendre les utilisateurs finaux, les collaborateurs et les entrepreneurs...

    Pour y arriver, Drakkar a développé, au fil des années, une méthodologie unique centrée sur l'humain.

    Aujourd'hui, Drakkar se décompose en 2 offres :

    • Product studio : Drakkar aide les startups Ă  atteindre rapidement leur marchĂ©. En travaillant avec des clients prestigieux, Drakkar a crĂ©Ă© des applications web et mobiles innovantes (SAAS et Marketplace B2B et B2C).
    • AccĂ©lĂ©rateur de PME : Drakkar optimise les processus des entreprises pour que les salariĂ©s puissent se concentrer sur ce qu'ils aiment et ce pour quoi ils sont douĂ©s.
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    Co-fondé en 2020 par d'anciens salariés de la construction et une équipe tech expérimentée, BATIS est devenu un SAAS essentiel pour des centaines d'entreprises et entités publiques dans leur gestion quotidienne des chantiers.

    • Building / Public Works, SaaS / Cloud Services
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    Outmind est une jeune startup développant un moteur de recherche intelligent. Dans la jungle des outils informatiques d'entreprise, notre technologie permet de retrouver la bonne information, ou la bonne personne la détenant, permettant à nos utilisateurs de réduire de plusieurs heures par semaine le temps passé à faire des recherches d'information. Notre équipe compte une douzaine de personnes, sur 2 pÎles principaux : Tech & Product, et Business & Operations. 

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    Elle répond à un problÚme en apparence simple : 9 entreprises sur 10 ne savent absolument pas prédire de combien de personnes elles devront disposer dans les prochaines années, encore moins dans quels jobs, avec quelles compétences, et pour quel coût.

    Il y a pourtant une solution : cela s’appelle le Strategic Workforce Planning, et c’est exactement ce que permet Albert.

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    Driven by the mission to simplify the management, optimization and acceleration of any type of digital content anywhere in the world, Scaleflex is a global B2B SaaS company that develops powerful and scalable solutions to accelerate and simplify Media Asset Management.

    Scaleflex provides customizable, reliable and affordable Cloud services to upload, store, organize, optimize, publish and accelerate all multimedia resources (images, videos, static files such as JS and CSS files, etc.) for websites or mobile applications.

    As a fast-growing international company, Scaleflex now has 80+ members who are passionate about solving Digital Asset Management challenges for more than 1300 customers worldwide through our scalable and flexible SaaS products.

    They are united by a passion for technology, a commitment to corporate culture and the freedom to innovate. They have become a recognized leader in our field of expertise.

    They value and respect individual strengths with a strong team spirit. Sharing is in their DNA: knowledge, experience and ideas are open within their team. Scaleflex favors synergies stemming from their cultural origins, their life stories and their skills.

    • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, SaaS / Cloud Services, Software
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    L3V3L helps game makers acquire and engage with gamers through the first loyalty management platform.  

    L3V3L's tech enables them to offer captivating missions, quests, and exclusive in-game rewards, managed through a user-friendly interface.

    We're here to help pre-launch games boost player engagement, monitor in-game and external gamers' actions, and foster a thriving community with our game backend and gamified mobile application for players.

    • Blockchain, SaaS / Cloud Services, Video Games
    • Strasbourg
    • < 15 employees

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