Aplo is an EU-licensed broker, leading institutional investors into the crypto universe. Their advanced financial products are complemented by a zero-hassle setup, so you get the most productive trading experience possible.

Aplo offers:

  • Opportunity: The broadest range of pairs and the deepest markets.
  • Simplicity: All plumbing handled and just a single account to deposit in.
  • Evolution: From spot trading to leverage and cross-margin. Even yield.
  • Confidence: A crypto-broker that is EU-licensed and never trades against you.

Their mission is clear. To embrace the difficult on their customers’ behalf, and build solutions that enable the next generation of finance.

They are growing fast, and they want you to join them.

What they are looking for

At Aplo they are looking for people who have a strong inbuilt sense of ownership. People who can not only learn something new, but quickly put it into practice. And people who balance their drive for high-performance with being supportive of those around them.

Good to know

In turn, they can offer the opportunity to join a like-minded team working on an exciting, high-growth product. They are a team that values training and knowledge sharing. So each week, someone leads a training session for the whole company.

Additionally, they offer: A salary supplement of €2,500 per dependent child (up to 3 children). A transparent salary structure for all employees, based on the upper range of salaries in the market. *Full reimbursement of your health insurance and transport costs.

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