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Our sales success at Sendcloud comes from building winning teams, not winning individuals. We are on a mission to become the leading global shipping platform, and we can only do that by winning together. We focus on bringing in top sales talent and helping that talent grow into the next phase of their career. By focusing on the three pillars – people, business, and culture – we create effective sales teams dedicated to bringing Sendcloud to every webshop out there.

Join the shipping revolution! 🚀

As a leader, I care less about work experience. If you have an ambitious mindset, a passion for sales and if you are a cultural fit, then we can help you become an absolute top performer.

Luc Lammers, Global Sales DIrector

Strategic Alliances

The logistical landscape is fast and diverse. With DHL, DPD, FedEx and 50+ other carriers live on our platform, we speak, negotiate and deal with them on a daily basis. Being European market leader, Sendcloud represents a great parcel volume in the market, while also presenting opportunities to starting logistics companies.

Our responsibility is to make sure that Sendcloud is able to provide a world-class offering per carrier in terms of services, execution and commercials. This means maintaining and updating current relationships ánd building new ones in all our markets.

Exciting? YES! Challenging? YES! Super cool? YES! 🤩

“Managing and expanding Europe’s biggest parcel carrier ecosystem, there really never is a dull moment here at Strategic Alliances. Come join us!”

Dennis Bijlsma, Strategic Alliance Executive


Partner Management

Partnerships are often described as ‘everything which is not a customer’. But within Sendcloud, we see our partners as the accelerators for our growth. We work very closely with digital agencies, integration partners and major e commerce players in order to service merchants across Europe.

Partner Management is all about community building, exploring new territories and being the bridge between the technique and our business – and doing so with a big dose of fun.

Sounds good, right?! POW POW! 💥

“Beyond barriers! This team truly is the most diverse and welcoming. You can express yourself without thinking about culture, age, gender etc. The inclusivity is not just because it is the right thing to do, but the most organic thing to do. Together we laugh a lot, we brainstorm, we question, we work hard and above all HAVE FUN doing so. Anyone who shares our values and enthusiasm will feel at home here.”

Praneetha Yalamanchi, Technical Consultant

Customer Success

a.k.a. The Maestros 🎻

At Customer Success, we conduct the Sendcloud orchestra to play the notes composed by the needs we gather from the market. That’s music to our customers’ ears!

We strive to be(come) trusted advisors to our clients – externally working on their goals with them, while at the same time representing their voice internally within the company. By strategically consulting, signalling trends and making sure that the client gets the most bang for their buck through proper onboarding, feature adoption and QBRs we aim to help our customers grow, ultimately helping Sendcloud grow.

Customer Support

At Sendcloud we don’t take our customers by the hand, but transform them into smart shipping experts. By informing and educating our users we help them make the right decisions themselves, so they won’t need our help in the future any longer. And when something’s up with a shipment, we’re there to find out what went wrong – and fix it, fast and smoothly. 📦 🚀

We’re an amazing bunch of people from various backgrounds – from sales, hospitality, technical support etc. Everybody is unique and uses their uniqueness to add value to our services. An amazing team spirit, eagerness to learn and party minds are our team values.

Join our support squad!

Being a CSM at Sendcloud has been rich. I get to share and defend our customer’s voices as well as brainstorm on business strategies with talented team mates. I’m right in the middle – between our clients and the other teams, which builds up my product and industry knowledge.

Celine Lopes, Customer Success Manager France


a.k.a. The Machines 🤖

Why ‘Machines’? Good question! Maybe because we crank out content like it’s nothing? Or because we hate doing things twice, so we automate everything? Or might it be our rigorous testing and love for data that made us get this nickname? To be honest, we don’t care.

Because what we do every day, that’s what matters. We are strong believers in creating value for our audience and focus on providing online retailers the knowledge and tools to grow their business.

If you are an all round marketeer who excels in one of the areas below then make sure to apply and join our amazing team of marketing rockstars. We are looking for specialists across all marketing teams: Content, Performance, Product, Growth, Events, Partnerships, Operations, Visual creative, Branding.


“Joining Sendcloud full-time and quitting my freelance career was one of the smartest decisions I made because it gave me new levels of creative freedom. I can not just make my own schedule, but I also have the team and resources to execute on bold ideas!”

Jeroen Kuunders, Marketing Operations Manager


Sendcloud saves time and money for e-merchants by simplifying the management of one of the most time-consuming and yet key processes in their business: shipping.

Within a few years, Sendcloud quickly became one of the leading shipping solutions in Europe with more than 15,000 customers in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Switzerland. Austria.

This success was made possible thanks to a strong partnership with several players in the e-commerce ecosystem including +25 international carriers and 30 e-commerce integrations, as well as a dedicated sales and support team to best meet the needs of its customers and support them in the growth of their e-commerce sites and projects.

PS: We have magnificent offices located in Eindhoven, Munich, and in the heart of Paris!

What they are looking for

We hire people who are the best in their field and, just as important, who fit our culture.

Good to know

The application process varies depending on the role, but here’s what you can expect if you’re looking to join our squad.

Application WEEK 1 Let’s go! We’ll review your resume and cover letter, and stalk your LinkedIn while we’re at it. No need to send cupcakes, we’ll get back to you within a week.

Culture check WEEK 2 Over the phone or video call, you’ll chat with one of our recruiters about yourself, why you want to work with us and whether you’re a cat or dog person.

Skills interview WEEK 3 With your soon-might-be manager or teammates, you’ll go in-depth into your past work experience, your skillset, and how they apply to the role.

Test day WEEK 4 Almost there! Now it’s time to really show us what you got, during a test day that might include a skill test and more interviews with the team or board members.

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