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Remote working

We have always been flexible as a company, and we trust our people. Our focus throughout 2019 was on building a performance culture, and so, when the pandemic hit, we were able to move to our homes without any problems, and continue working toward success as usual. We have teams in different time zones and regions, so we were already accustomed to working and cooperating remotely.

ROI Hunter

Wellbeing program

Beyond being co-workers, ROI Hunter employees are also good friends, and we miss each other. In 2021 we released a company-wellbeing program to encourage fun interaction and support employees wellbeing. We have regular online meetings focusing on getting together and caring for body and mind: cooking together, exercising and tips for the best exercises, taking quizzes, playing video games, theme workshops and more. One day, when the pandemic ends, some of us will likely continue working mostly from home, and some of us will return to the offices.

ROI Hunter
ROI Hunter
ROI Hunter
ROI Hunter
ROI Hunter


ROI Hunter a.s., established in 2014, is an advanced product marketing platform (PMP) for e-commerce businesses to automate and scale their digital promotions. They are a certified Facebook & Instagram Marketing Partner, as well as a certified Google Marketing Platform Partner.

Their solution gives companies the tools to better operate their Facebook and Google campaigns. The company’s unique technology saves time, transforms creative processes, and boosts performance through predictive remarketing, automated ads, customizable templates, data integration and more. ROI Hunter’s clients include SportsDirect, Tchibo, and many others. ROI Hunter is an international company with teams in 6 countries, which easily cooperate together remotely. The company language is English.

The organization has a flat management structure and is very open. Any employee can easily reach out to anyone, including the CEO. The company is clear about its core values and works continuously to make them a reality.

Every employee should:

  • Make an impact
  • Focus on improvement
  • Be open

These values are seen in everything they do.

Who Are They Looking For

ROI Hunter is looking for proactive and self-driven people who want to make a difference. Ideal candidates bring their ideas and come up with new solutions or improvements. ROI Hunter’s environment is helpful and friendly, and every newcomer should be open to giving and receiving feedback. Employees appreciate that they’re able to see their impact at work and learn a lot from the other smart people they are working with.

ROI Hunter is mainly looking for great people for roles in marketing, sales, client success management, development, support, and product management.

Good to Know

ROI Hunter started as a project among a few friends. Today, ROI Hunter has a global presence, yet the unique atmosphere is still being spread around the company. ROI Hunter employees often spend time together even after working hours, playing sports, having beers or a BBQ, playing board games, or spending time out in nature. One of the company benefits is flexibility: impact and delivered outcomes are more important than spending the whole day in the office with poor results.

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