• Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Consumer Goods, SaaS / Cloud Services
  • Paris
  • www.qopius.com
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    35 % 65 %
  • Average Age

    27 years old
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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

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Created in 2016 by Roy Moussa and Antonin Bertin, Qopius has quickly became Europe’s leading provider of real-time shelf monitoring and store digitization for retailers today. By leveraging cutting edge AI computer vision cross-platform, in cameras and robots, retailers can double the productivity of their staff by automating tedious repetitive tasks like checking out-of-stock or product placement. This leads to 30% better product availability and sales, and the perfect customer experience today’s shoppers expect to have. E-commerce is data driven, brick and mortar can be too. We’re leveling the playing field.

This real-time data is serving store teams to reduce operational cost and drive sales up. Simultaneously, it is adding transparency for more informed reality-based decisions for business teams at HQ from supply chain, and marketing to merchandising and buyers.

Qopius is helping some of the largest European retailers leverage computer vision to digitalize their stores and grow revenues at the shelf. With the HQ in Paris, an office in Berlin, a strong team of 23 people, and strong VC backing, Qopius is shaping the future of physical retail and transforming our shopping experience with computer vision. To learn more, visit www.qopius.com.

What they are looking for

Qopius is looking for passionate people who want to contribute to their bold vision of disrupting an industry with seamless technology. They are a cohesive community of diverse people that values collaboration, inclusiveness, professional and personal growth, hard work, creativity and ambition. They expect their future Qopius members to be curious about the technology they’re inventing, not afraid to jump into the unknown (they’re at the forefront of research), collaborate to learn and teach.

Good to know

Yes, tech is the main subject at hand, but they do work hard to play hard!

They make sure they maintain a fun and light environment on their planet. They have a Qopius band that hits the studio weekly, poker nights, pizza fridays, afterwork beers, and they’re open to more suggestions!

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