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What is the FairMoney culture ?

We own and don’t rent

At FairMoney we are radical owners. We love to claim 100% ownership for our task and never rely on others to do our part.

We strive for ownership and don’t rest until what we own is accomplished.

We think about owning a task like owning a property. We are landlords, not tenants.

Start with the client

What we do matters - we give underbanked people access to financial services in the emerging world.

Be passionate and optimize for our users, and care for our impact.

Our business has an additional complexity – many of us don’t live where the clients live – We go into exceptional depth to understand the clients pain-points.

We are all scientists And for Scientists words are cheap

  1. Identify Problem.
  2. Break down into smaller problems.
  3. Un-bias yourself from bias or emotion.
  4. Write down available information and never take a meeting without a notepad and without pre and post meeting memorandums that are shared to all participants.
  5. Come to well reasoned conclusions and check against logic/standards.
  6. Communicate well the conclusion to others to further improve conclusion.
  7. Start new problem.

At FairMoney we are scientists in whatever domain from customer service to Data scientists.

Churn 9-5

9-5 is a mindset that comes from large corporates where people don’t like their jobs.

For people on the FairMoney team work should be something that you love and embrace - that you measure in tasks achieved, not hours completed.

Fly High - Fly Low

We fly high to make big and bold plans - strategize.

We fly low and put our hands in the dirt to ensure the detailed high quality output of us and those that we manage. We own our responsibilities and strive for accountability.

  • No Outsourcers
  • No Outsourcing


Speed over certainty.

We value execution speed and making decisions with 70% of the available data and a 30% margin of error over 100% accuracy and being blocked by over-analysis.

Direct Feedback

At FairMoney we value the power of direct feedback.

We don't carry frustration with us but give direct feedback to our colleagues regularly to make sure we all improve and get better.

The “how” matters - Feedback is given with goodwill to help others to improve.

Ils sont sociables


FairMoney is building the leading mobile bank for emerging markets. For most of the positions, it's possible to join FairMoney remotely or in one of our offices: in Paris, Bangalore, Lagos, Riga.

FairMoney is unique thanks to its international exposure (with offices on 3 continents) and its impact-driven mission: we bring financial inclusion to underbanked people in emerging markets! We give 10,000 loans daily (one every 8 seconds!) in Nigeria and India, and have banking operations in Nigeria, with over 1 million users

We're backed by international investors and raised close to €50m to support our development. We are a team of close to 200 people between Paris, Lagos, Bangalore, Riga.

We value candidates who embrace our company values:

Growth Mindset Grow yourself exponentially through hard work, curiosity and constant iterations

Start with the client We are passionate, optimize for our users, care for our impact

Talent has NO passport Talent is widely distributed across the world, we embrace adding different cultures, nationalities and genders to our team

Discover our other values during your discussions with the team.

Ce qu'ils recherchent

Talents across all departments who want to learn and grow in a company with a lot of impact on people in emerging markets!

Bon à savoir

For a lot of positions, you can work from Paris, Lagos, Bangalore, Riga, or remotely.

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