This position is no longer available.

DAF/RAF - Bordeaux

Permanent contract
Salary: Not specified
No remote work
Experience: > 7 years
Education: Master's Degree


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Job description

We are looking for our first Director of Finance. You will be instrumental in shaping and executing our funding strategy, ensuring the responsible allocation of resources and conduct tight financial planning. As a matter of fact, CAPEX funding and rigorous financial control are pivotal in driving our success, so you will find yourself at the heart of our value creation machine from day one.

You will be part of the executive committee. You will work closely with the CEO, COO and Head of Legal, as well as the CTO and Head of Operations.

1. Financial Reporting and Analysis:

  • Produce and take ownership of monthly financial reports, presenting them to the founders.

  • Lead the internal controlling effort, provide clarity to head of business units on how they are performing cost-wise, challenge them and help find solutions.

  • Attend board meetings to provide in-depth financial insights and present financial results.

  • Own and continuously update our business plan, forecasts, and budgets on a monthly basis, ensuring alignment with our strategic objectives.

2. Funding:

  • Take charge of our corporate structuration and debt fundraising efforts, seeking opportunities to optimise our cash management

  • Lead the preparation of subsidy and grant applications, securing additional resources to fuel our growth.

  • Assist the CEO in equity fundraising efforts

3. Operational Management:

  • Manage relationships with financial partners and banking institutions, closely monitoring key financial ratios and covenant compliance.

  • Take ownership of, monitor, and manage budgets across various teams, providing guidance to head of business units on financial decision-making.

  • Develop and maintain standardised financial and administrative procedures to enhance efficiency and accountability.

  • Supervise day-to-day financial and administrative operations, which encompass tasks such as processing payments, recording receipts, and managing invoices.

  • Maintain a meticulous tracking system that spans all entities within the group to ensure accuracy and transparency.

  • Take charge of ensuring compliance and consistency among different entities within the group. Manage inter-company agreements, oversee management fees, and handle service re-invoicing to streamline financial operations and maintain consistency across entities.

  • Lead cash management efforts, including the management of supplier payouts and the optimisation of the working capital.

  • Collaborate closely with our accountants and eventually internalise accounting.

  • Take the lead in conducting audits for both annual financial accounts and fundraising initiatives as required.

Preferred experience

Education: Degree from a top tier Engineering School, Business School or University.

Experience: 7+ years of professional experience, with at least 5 years in a finance related field. Experience specifically in scale-up companies or startups, where the financial landscape can be dynamic and fast-paced is a plus. Experience in strategy consulting is a plus.


  • Strong strategic financial planning skills, with the ability to devise and execute financial strategies aligned with the company’s growth objectives.

  • Proficiency in financial analysis, including forecasting, budgeting, and variance analysis to support data-driven decision-making.

  • An entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to take calculated risks while ensuring financial prudence.

  • Flexible, adaptability to a dynamic and rapidly changing business environment, as scale-ups often face evolving financial challenges.

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, to effectively present financial information to stakeholders, including board members and investors.

  • A strategic mindset, with the ability to align financial strategies with broader business goals and provide insights into long-term financial planning.

  • Strong negotiation skills, particularly when dealing with suppliers, lenders, or potential partners.

  • Strong problem-solving skills to address financial challenges and find creative solutions.

  • Alignment with the company’s values, culture, and mission, as cultural fit can be essential in a smaller and closely-knit organisation.

  • Experience in raising capital, in particular knowledge of debt and subsidies financing is a big plus. A good professional network in the finance and investment community, is a plus

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