Jakub joined Pipedrive in June 2019 as a lead engineer and brought along valuable international experience, having led engineering teams at Skyscanner in London for three years before joining Pipedrive.

Jakub is leading the most significant part of Prague’s engineering team consisting of more than twenty engineers. Oh wait, but what tribe is that? Just ask Jakub directly! “Tribes and missions” are one of his favorite topics.

His everyday goal is to make sure everybody on his team feels happy and supported in their role. He is also responsible for the effectiveness of technical solutions, a perfect match for his natural sense to advocate a collaborative culture and high engineering standards. He always keeps engineers motivated by giving them plenty of freedom to decide on what to work.

During his time at Pipedrive, he moved from Prague back to his hometown Český Těšín, then back to Prague. Outside of work, you can find him riding his bike or exploring the city with an audiobook.

Y My started her career as a data science consultant and then moved to a cybersecurity company, where she supported the privacy product team to improve mobile applications. In February 2021, she joined the Prague office as the first product data analyst and is now part of a global team of 10 data analysts. Since then, she has helped Lead Tribe to build the analytics space. With the team, she has landed a mission dedicated to data tracking improvements, analyzed customer behavior data to drive product improvements, and created the internal sharing platform to make analytics more accessible to anyone across the company.

Outside work, she enjoys time with her little daughter, karaoke, cooking, a variety of indoor sports or hiking in nature.

Lukáš studied computer science in three different countries abroad before moving back to Czechia, where he started working at Pipedrive as a backend developer in August 2019. Soon he realized that he likes to do many different things and changed his title to a Fullstack Developer. He is a person who always has plenty of things to do and is never bored.

He likes to play badminton or squash before he goes to work, sometimes with another colleague. Outside of work, he enjoys jogging, hiking into nature and climbing mountains.

Michal is a product leader with 10+ years of experience, currently working at Pipedrive as a group product manager and site lead of Pipedrive’s Prague office. As one of the founding members of the Prague office and the GPM, he has driven the strategy of Pipedrive's LeadBooster, a toolset that helps salespeople generate high-quality leads. He started his product career at Socialbakers, where he led several products and projects thanks to his social media marketing and analytics skills. He also co-founded an online car magazine. He held multiple senior roles in companies like STRV and Mladá fronta.

Apart from his full-time roles, he serves as a product consultant for various startups and companies. He specializes in setting up the right product vision and strategy, hiring product managers and adopting agile methods. As a mentor, he has helped companies in Prague and San Francisco, Los Angeles and London.

He has a BA in economics and management and is a regular speaker at various conferences and meetups. He shared his experiences with the attendees of several ProductTank meetups, Forbes conferences and Pipedrive Talks. He also shares his experiences as a mentor at Plato and WeWork.


Does Pipedrive Prague employ expats? A third of the Pipedrive Prague team are expats! The longest distance a person has traveled to work in Pipedrive Prague is 9,500 km, specifically from Los Angeles to Prague.

How many women are on the Prague team? 👩💻 Unlike most tech companies where the teams are dominated by men, a third of our Pipedrive Prague team are women.

Is it allowed to take a dog to the office? Eda, Enola, Kiwi, Erik, Poppy, Tequila and Draco. Those are our four-legged friends you can meet in Pipedrive’s office.

Learn more about Pipedrive


Pipedrive was founded in 2010 as a tool to support sales and marketing teams and make salespeople’s work life better and easier. The company has always put an emphasis on usability and intuitiveness. To this day, Pipedrive is a self-service that can be easily set up by salespeople in just a few minutes.

Today, 12 years after its foundation, this cloud-based software is trusted by over 100,000 companies across 175 countries. Yet Pipedrive has by no means reached its peak and. In fact, it keeps growing, both in terms of expanding into new territories and extending its solution beyond a sales CRM and into the entire revenue process. One of the company’s incubation projects is based in Prague, and it is a unique opportunity to build innovative solutions from scratch.

In 2020, Pipedrive became a unicorn company when it received a majority investment from Vista Equity Partners, a global investment firm.

Following the investment, Pipedrive has grown to an international company of over 900 employees from more than 50 nationalities distributed across the company’s 10 offices in Europe and the US. To make sure all collaborate well with one another, the company’s official language is English.

Pipedrive values its employees and leads various initiatives to help them feel at home. Working at Pipedrive begins with a well-thought-out onboarding, where you learn about Pipedrive’s product to ensure you get a holistic viewing of its ecosystem. Then, you will be supported by your buddy, who’ll help you acclimate to your new role and environment.

Though most of the people working at Pipedrive are engineers, the company employs a variety of roles, including product managers, designers, analysts and many more.

Pipedrivers love challenges and connecting freedom with responsibility. With its “Tribes and Missions” framework, the company empowers employees to choose their own projects.

Who Are They Looking For

Pipedrive is a global company known for its friendly culture and strong team spirit. Pipedrivers believe that great people can achieve great things together, a tenet best captured by its six company values. Pipedrive welcomes active and curious minds and those who love freedom but are not afraid to take on responsibility. Employee surveys at Pipedrive demonstrate that collaboration and learning from and with smart and thoughtful colleagues is one of Pipedrive’s strongest points, as the atmosphere motivates everyone to push the envelope.

Pipedrive’s “Tribe” stands for a team of 20-30 people who fully own a problem’s domain and its well-defined goals. Working closely with product managers, designers, analysts and researchers helps the tribe deliver a better product and gives people the freedom to choose on what they want to work. For example, they can choose to be a part of a guild where employees from different fields and locations gather to improve the area of their interest, be it a frontend guild or a guild dedicated to hiring and onboarding.

Good to know

Pipedrivers not only work hard but also play hard. Playing foosball or video games is part of its workday rituals, with RocketLeague being the most popular game. But the game room is not reserved for games only. It became the go-to for singing enthusiasts, who turned it into an improvised singing studio.

Depending on the day and time, you can also see Pipedrivers hiking, rafting on Vltava, attending pub quizzes, enjoying cinema or cooking. Every team member brings a new hobby to the team! You’d be hard-pressed to find a hobby or interest without any takers. Since the team is so diverse, culturally and expertise-wise, there’s always something new to learn from one another. Of the many events throughout the year, epic summer garages have become many people’s favorite tradition, but there are many other spontaneous events led by team members.

Care for some perks? You can count on a generous benefits package and, on top of that, on the office sauna, which has become Pipedrivers’ totem. Another advantage is an internal team of personal coaches, among them are professional psychologists, with whom you can discuss any of your life matters and untackle growth challenges. Pipedrivers happen to be picky when it comes to their coffee beans, tea and lemonade selection. Fun fact: In 18 months, they’ve drunk over 8600 cups of coffee!

Even with a brand new office in Prague, Pipedrivers benefit from flexible working hours and remote work, allowing them to enjoy a true work-life balance. Some members of the team even work from abroad when the weather in Prague is too gloomy.