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Our Culture :

Welcome to Phoenix! Come share our vision of a waste-free world, one where all unsold goods find takers, where discarding food is no longer an option.

That said, we need to get real! There is still so much work left to do, even if, since 2014, we have run the extra mile. In a country where we waste more than enough food to feed the 8 million in our who struggle with the most basic necessities, we have decided to tackle the subject of food waste through solidarity.

As a result, we have created the first digital platform which allows us to connect those who sometimes have too much (such as large-scale retail, manufacturers and their warehouse facilities...) to those who do not have enough (via 1,500 partner organizations and charities). After half a dozen years of existence, we have saved 100 million meals, brought together 180 employees from some 20 different cities and developed our project in 2 other European countries - Spain and Portugal.

But it's not over yet! We are working twice as hard to eradicate waste. In addition to our digital platform designed to facilitate donations to organizations providing aid in the form of foodstuffs, we launched an anti-waste application for the general public in 2019, so as to allow everyone to fight wastage at a personal level. This idea was an obvious hit, since 1,000,000 of you have already downloaded the Phoenix application to recover unsold goods from your stores at low prices. The next step ? Pack your bags and come on a trip to reduce waste in Belgium and Italy. Though we do not yet know what tomorrow will bring, we are not even close to giving up! Because deep down, we can be sure of one thing - in all life, as with waste ... All Is not Lost.


Our offices throughout France and in four European countries

Though it has become a European leader in the anti-waste sector, it is nevertheless important for Phoenix ​​to remain a human-sized company which stays as close as possible to its clients. This is why we have opened around twenty branches in cities such as Paris, Nantes, Rennes, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Lyon and Marseille but also in Montpellier, Strasbourg, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Seville, Lisbon, Porto…and soon, Brussels and Milan too!

You have surely gathered by now that us Phoenicians are located throughout France, yet we meet up twice a year to take part in our essential workshops which allow us to share our experiences face to face with all the others – to define the future challenges we must rise to for a world without waste.


Our values: Courage - Honesty - Trust

👨‍🎤Courage : in the fight to reduce waste, we are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get down to business! In just a few years, we are proud to have tackled a problem as vast as food wastage and to have succeeded in developing innovative tech solutions which serve the common good!

📣 Honesty : At Phoenix, we tell it like it is! Honesty means defending a strong culture based on sharing results and key decisions with all parties concerned.

🤝‍ Trust : Conferring trust does not mean trusting blindly, but rather, delegating responsibility and independence to take the right decisions and move forward. Basically, we all have confidence in each other, confidence that we may learn and flourish in an environment conducive to responsibility, an environment of solidarity and mutual help, for us, this is trust. It is important for us to add humour and humility to the mix, whatever the circumstances. We have but one guiding line - we take our work seriously but are willing to laugh at ourselves!



Are you a hummingbird... or more of a Phenix?

At Phenix, there is no beating about the bush – the company has lofty ambitions. Bringing food to those in need, eradicating food waste, saving the planet... It is not boastful to say that for these European champions in the fight against waste, the is still a lot to cover!

What are Phenix super-powers?

  • 💪 Impact: like a go-between connecting companies, charities and ordinary citizens, Phenix has already saved 140 million meals.
  • 💛 A heart of gold: by giving products left unsold in stores to the most vulnerable, Phenix is actively fighting waste AND deprivation.
  • 🐝 Tech For Good: by turning tech tools into a force for the common good, Phenix has proved that it is possible for a company to make the world a better place. At Phenix, they are very proud to have been granted the titles of B-Corp and ESUS (Entreprise Solidaire d'Utilité Sociale or Solidarity Based Enterprise of Social Utility). Vive la France!

What they are looking for

At Phenix, they are interested in people from all walks of life: those with PhDs in foreign languages, young people straight out of engineering college or business school, the self-taught, intrapreneurs… Yet they all have one thing in common - a wish to contribute their knowledge to further a social and environmental cause whilst maintaining a firmly positive outlook.

  • 🌍 Phenix is looking for citizens with a strong commitment, from a variety of cultural and educational backgrounds, who would also like to take part in improving our world.
  • 🙏 Phenicians are attached to a culture of honesty and benevolence. Can they trust each other? Then they can work arm in arm, with nothing to hide!
  • 🦄 To change the world, you must be a little reckless. And luckily for them, the Phenicians are not afraid of taking risks! At Phenix, they are accountable and learn from their mistakes... The most important is knowing how to bounce back!

Good to know

At Phenix, they grant a huge amount of importance to wellbeing in the workplace so that each of them can thrive in an inclusive environment.

  • 🌴 They know how to unplug! The life-work balance means something to them, and this includes the possibility of working 3 days a week from home.
  • 🔥 All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! Whether it’s a drink after work, bonding during seminars or meeting up for barter night, Phenicians love spending time together and have a good time at every opportunity.
  • 🤗 Phenix is a company with a strong social commitment, as you may have guessed. This is also true internally, as Phenicians are allotted ½ a day per month of volunteer work in one of the 1500 partner organisations Phenix works with. Phenix has signed the Parental Act (15 extra days of paid leave for the second parent!) and offers employees 3 day’s leave a year for family help. So as to encourage greener mobility, Phenix also reimburses 100% of all travelcards between work and the place of residence.

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