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About Odaseva

Who is Odaseva? 10M+ Salesforce users from industry leading companies such as Schneider Electric, Heineken, Robert Half or General Electric, trust Odaseva as the ultimate solution to securely and rapidly address challenges such as data privacy compliance automation, data protection and data operations on Salesforce. Odaseva offers the only all-in-one salesforce data governance platform (data protection, data compliance automation and data operations) built for large enterprises using Salesforce. Odaseva is part of the Salesforce ecosystem: the most dynamic enterprise application ecosystem ever. Odaseva’s founders are Salesforce gurus in data governance & data security, and Salesforce’s former VP of sales. Great place to work: Work hard – play hard, no politics, team spirit and collective intelligence (work as a team, not like a team). Lots of opps to have an impact on the company International: Spans across Europe, APAC and the US, with more internationalization to come Odaseva is growing very rapidly and is looking for good and smart people across multiple departments!

  • Employees

    From 50 to 250 employees
  • Location

  • Sectors

    SaaS / Cloud Services, Cyber Security

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