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Newsbridge is a content media hub powered by Multimodal AI. Designed for Media and Sports Rights-holders, some clients include: AFP, Bloomberg Asharq News, French Football Federation, M6 and TF1 Group.

Newsbridge’s technology automatically indexes a large volume of audiovisual content via the cross analysis of facial, object, logo and scene recognition. All this while taking audio transcription and semantic context into account.

The platform allows users to access their photos and videos instantaneously while also providing them with a means to collaborate, log media, archive, investigate, share or even showcase and sell their content to media buyers.

What they are looking for

  • Newsbridge attributes a large part of its success to its amazing team and is always looking for highly-skilled and motivated individuals to come onboard.
  • Hiring managers at Newsbridge are searching for experienced individuals in their respective fields who encompass a pioneer mindset and resiliency when it comes to executing and promoting innovative solutions.
  • The ideal candidate, regardless of department, is someone who understands the value of teamwork and is able to trust by default. Newsbridge’s caring environment is one that is best suited for team players and individuals who encompass a positive attitude and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Promoting learnings over mistakes, the team is in an ever-present state of improvement. The atmosphere is one of encouragement, patience and eventual leadership.
  • Due to its hybrid remote-work culture, Newsbridge values open-mindedness and flexibility when it comes to getting the job done. Work-life balance is extremely important for the team.
  • Individuals who dare to go beyond the day-to-day routine are welcome to apply!

Good to know

From free on-site coffee to their virtual ‘Machine à Café’ where remote workers can join colleagues for a coffee break, the team prides itself in its successful hybrid remote culture. Whether taking a break on the sunny rooftop terrace overlooking Boulogne-Billancourt, or their own back porch enjoying the Bretagne countryside, the team enjoys a healthy work-life balance.

They also enjoy celebrating a job-well-done with occassional aperos on Fridays and have even been known to put on elaborate 1920s murder mystery parties (theme of the last Newstrip- Newsbridge’s annual employee retreat).

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