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Paris, Barcelona

Growing up in Barcelona, Guillaume began his studies in industrial engineering at the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya and then entered the Ecole Centrale de Lyon with a double degree. After completing his master's degree in Canada he joined the Motilde team as a project engineer.

His generalist background and international profile are used to develop Motilde's activity in Spain, France and the rest of Europe.

What he appreciates at Motilde is his freedom of action, the responsibilities entrusted to him and a very pleasant working environment

From an early age, Andrei followed a comprehensive technical path and seized every opportunity, participating in multiple coding contests, hackathons, student challenges and early employment opportunities. Andrei studied Computer Engineering at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

As he wanted to keep this technical sense but also use it in a business and management perspective, Andrei joined an MBA program in Barcelona.

He then accepted the challenge offered by Motilde and joined the engineering team as a hardware integrator engineer. This challenge is a great opportunity for him to improve his existing skills, learn new ones and be part of a well-defined team that has also become his friends.

After a total of 13 years of volunteering with the Scouts, Andrei has one main motto that has guided his life: "Leave the world better than you found it".

Hubert was first employed after his engineering and management studies, before founding Motilde in 2012. Driven by the conviction that it is people who make the difference in an entrepreneurial project, he is committed to research and development of talent. For him, three drivers are necessary for the performance of the Motilde dream team: positive attitude, team spirit and being eager to progress.

Lionel started his career in finance where he held several positions as a management controller and then as a financial director before becoming an entrepreneur. He is now responsible for the commercial development of the KAMO brand. He appreciates teamwork in a smiling and dynamic atmosphere, as well as a real freedom of action.

After obtaining a DUT in Physical Measurements, Pauline entered a general engineering school in Lille. It was during various projects that she became interested in computer-aided design. Pauline joined Motilde in 2021 for her end of study internship. She enjoys using her very creative nature in her job. Hence her love for the development of technical furniture, which constantly requires finding new solutions! At Motilde, she discovered pleasant working relationships, as well as a dynamic and caring team. For all these reasons, she decided to continue the adventure in the company as a project manager at the end of her internship.

Maxime is a graduate engineer from the Ecole des Mines and joined Motilde in 2014 as a project manager. Over the years, his knowledge of the files, the business and the internal processes at Motilde have enabled him to take on new responsibilities as technical director. His mission is to ensure the efficiency and consistency of processes across the three sites in Europe. In addition, he develops the talents of the technical teams.
His greatest sources of motivation at Motilde: the human dimension of the company, the multidisciplinary and multi-skilled nature of the teams and the prospects for development.


Motilde is a global integrator of supervision / audiovisual technologies and spaces: Collaboration, Communication, Training, Control, Management. It is a recognized actor of Technologies (Supervision, Control, Videoconferencing, Multimedia...) and Audiovisual Spaces (Collaborative rooms, training, control rooms.... ).

They support their customers in the design and complete installation of their spaces: technologies {hardware and software}, layout and furniture. Motilde intervenes in AMOA (studies, Preliminary Summary and Detailed Design) as well as in integration / installation / maintenance.

The company is active in the Europe/Middle East/Africa zone from its three European locations: Paris, Barcelona, Zilina (Slovakia).

What they are looking for

Do you like learning and want to invest yourself in an exciting job in constant evolution at the crossroads of various technologies? Do you think you would be a good fit in an international teamwork environment ?

Are you eager to feel autonomous in your job ? Welcome to Motilde ! Motilde is looking for hardware engineers, project manager engineers, business managers and business developers.

Good to know

Motilde is growing internationally : Paris - Barcelona, Zilina. Coming: Germany. Make sure your language skills are OK and get on board !

Motilde's blog is the most complete in their field. Have a look at it !

They hare an open and friendly coworking workspace where talent, dynamism and curiosity are welcome.

A simple and straight communication attitude is their moto. So smile!

Motilde cares about our Earth because we only have one. Join the team and help them to make a carbon-free world using team collaboration and remote control meetings.

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