Mehdi has been involved in open-source software development his entire career. He made a significant impact and tremendous technical contribution to projects like OpenStack, Python, or Ceph. Mehdi worked in multiple start-ups and helped them bootstrap from nothing to scale.

Mehdi now leads Mergify's engineering team and makes sure there's no bugs (nobody loves them).

After graduating in marketing management, Hugo joined Mergify in 2021 to assist in marketing and growth. His ambition is to help Mergify develop and expand further in multiple markets.

As an aspiring software engineer, Erwan joined Mergify's engineering team to learn the craft. He was able to grow his skill set quickly. He now builds new features for Mergify on a weekly basis. If there's one thing that Erwan knows, it is that life is full of surprises and that he never thought his code would be running on such a scale.

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Mergify is a Software-as-a-Service company providing automation tools for software engineering teams. The product allows developers to improve their code merging process by defining workflows, queueing merges, and removing manual interventions.

Mergify was founded in 2018 by two open source engineers willing to improve the way software engineering teams operate and their efficiency.

What they are looking for

Mergify is looking for talented and fun teammates eager to learn and face the daily challenges of a young company. Mergify's project is ambitious and requires people that are keen on participating in its growth.

The company values autonomy, ownership, openness, and transparency.

Good to know

Mergify is an open-source-based company: it contributes to the community and ships most of its software as free software.

Mergify is a distributed, remote-first company valuing work-life balance. They organize retreats regularly to regroup every collaborator in the same place to get social.

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