Arnaud has an engineering background and is an open source contributor. He co-founded Mention in 2012 after 10 years of experience working on SaaS projects. His main goal as a CTO is to make sure that the company's technology is a force that can support the product thanks to technological choices and an adapted architecture. Collaborating with the technical team of 20 developers, data scientists, and system administrators, he enjoys passing on his knowledge and experience.

Antoine Rage is the current CEO of Mention. He initially joined the company as CFO in 2019. He brings his administrative expertise, business acumen and leadership skills to his role. Antoine's current mission is to improve the efficiency of the company, support employees in their ambitions and career paths, and overall contribute to growth by having knowledge of the market to drive Mention forward. In addition to his experience in finance, Antoine is a former high level sportsman who remains involved in the field of sports management in France as sports director of the Caen Roller Hockey Club. Antoine holds a Master's degree in Corporate Finance Management from the Ecole de Management de Normandie and studied internationally at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Diana is an International Account Executive at Mention, a fast-growing start up that enables brands and agencies to monitor the web, listen to their audience and manage social media. Passionate about sales, the digital industry and building long lasting relationships with clients, Diana is an enthusiastic sales professional who enjoys working in a multicultural environment like Mention. In charge of generating new business to the company through international markets. She loves challenges and learning everyday from the industry, the markets and their colleagues. Account Manager in the past years in the E-commerce industry, Diana has an extended international background in technology industries, connecting with key business executives, developing strong relationships with customers at an international scale.

Charles is Head of Product at Mention, holding a double master's degree in software engineering management, he had his first experiences in a start-up, acquired by Criteo where he was brought to synchronize the technical-functional integration of the product between Paris and the US.


Founded in 2012, Mention started with a simple idea: to help businesses manage their online presence. Since, Mention has evolved and grown to continue monitoring, analyzing and delivering actionable insights to marketers.

Today, Mention has over 50 employees across Paris and New York. Mention is a web-based SaaS solution, used by more than 750,000 users, present in 125 countries with customers such as BenQ, Microsoft and Edelman.

We pride ourselves on the way we work together to build, innovate and anticipate the needs of social listening. We are dynamic and believe when we put our skill sets together, we are stronger as a team, as a brand and as a company. We give our people the tools they need to collaborate, feel autonomous and excited about their personal and professional development.

What they are looking for

We are looking for passionate people who are up for the challenge of building our international and flexible work environment. Working at Mention means working with over 22 different nationalities from across the world, we are truly a diverse team.

The teams enjoy working, exchanging and collaborating with a common goal: to participate in the growth of the company and to flourish in their position, in a fun atmosphere where everyone expresses their good mood and creativity. To succeed in this challenge, this dynamic startup is looking to strengthen its Sales, Marketing and R&D teams. If you like to innovate, the Mention adventure is for you!

Good to know

The formula is simple. If you’re happy at work, then our customers are happy to. We take pride in our inclusive and collaborative work environment, but also like to have fun together! With our teams working across two cities, both in-office and flex-working or fully remote; it’s our priority to maintain a strong connection beyond our computer screens.

We organize monthly games, breakfasts, afterworks, team lunches, and the ocassional off-site trip! For our two offices to reunite, each year we host a week-long retreat in the heart of Paris, where our New York Office can rejoice with the Paris office.

We don’t expect anyone to have all the answers, for those who are constantly curious or just want to learn we host “Creative Days'' and “Level Up” sessions to let our teams try something new, get out of their comfort zone or acquire a new skill! Our Product and Tech teams are inspired by agile methodologies, and participate in daily stand ups to allow everyone to express themselves and give their opinion before moving on with a task..

Since June 2021, the Mentionos team has moved to a Flex Office policy, so you can work from wherever you want (or almost).

If you join Mention, expect to :

  • Work with a great team

  • Try out all the restaurants around the Grand Boulevards

  • Work in an international environment

  • Go out (often !) with your colleagues :)

And above all, participate in the construction of a constantly evolving product!

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