McMakler France

McMakler France


Founded in 2015 in Germany, McMakler has been shaking up the codes of real estate market. McMakler is a full-service real estate agent combining both a digital platform with on-site, personalised service. With its hybrid model, McMakler has become one of the largest and fastest-growing real estate companies in Europe.

Based on its innovative model, it currently employs more than 1,000 people in about 100 locations in Germany, Austria and, as of 2019, in France. In June, McMakler raised over €150 million after several rounds of financing and is now the largest fundraising by a real estate company within the Proptech sector. McMakler is targeting European expansion and recently established its French headquarters in Paris. In order to help it grow, McMakler France is looking for talented candidates who are ready to be a driving force and implement their ideas in a concrete way. An experience at McMakler will allow you to discover the secrets of international expansion!

What they are looking for

McMakler recruits real estate agents on an ongoing basis, both from within and outside the property sector, as our focus is on commercial skills. We are also looking for profiles specialized in data analysis, marketing, upstream customer qualification and project development.

Good to know

McMakler is anything but a traditional estate agency. Our teams collaborate on every property we sell. Our passion for real estate drives us every day and we consider our clients as partners in the sale above everything. By joining McMakler, you are joining a growing company with a unique efficient structure.

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