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About Melina

Melina has been living in Prague since October 2018, so she still has a lot to discover. There are a lot of great places to have a coffee, grab a bite to eat or to go out for a drink with friends. Her favorite places are Coffee Corner and Prosekárna. Ever since she moved here, Melina has only been surrounded by interesting people. It made her read more, especially motivational books, and take an interest in personal development.

Meet Melina

Anyone who works in marketing will surely agree with her that this job is not stereotypical. Especially when you are responsible for structuring brands of dog food on four markets – Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and Romanian. Melina follows a brand strategy stating exactly at what time she should focus on which tasks. The next most important thing is to communicate with individual units and agencies which manage the social networks and campaigns. She continuously analyzes the company results and participates in creating a strategy for the next period.

In a Foreign Country

When Melina came to Mars two years ago, she was surprised at how friendly people in the company are. At first, she thought something had to be wrong with them, but then she realized that it’s part of the company culture. It is perfectly normal for her to arrive at work and for her colleagues to ask how she had been or how she had enjoyed her weekend. The welcoming atmosphere meant a lot to Melina while she was getting used to working there and staying in a foreign country without family or friends.

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