Senior Data Scientist


Senior Data Scientist

The company



  • Software, Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, SaaS / Cloud Services
  • < 15 employees

The job

Senior Data Scientist

Who are they?

Lynceus is building the first predictive OS for manufacturers. They use manufacturing data and process comprehension to predict the performance of goods and systems within factories. They eventually aim to integrate within the process control tools, and allow for powerful simulations of new process steps.

Semiconductor manufacturing is their first market, but they are also relevant for most high added-value manufacturing, with use cases proven in LED, battery, biopharma and chemical industries. 

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Job description

As a senior data scientist, you will:

  • Be responsible for the full-chain construction of quality prediction ML algorithms
  • Perform deep data exploration using physical modelling of the system
  • Contribute to the general R&D initiatives of Lynceus
  • Interact with customers (process engineers, innovation teams, project managers…) to understand the context and advocate your models
  • Assist junior data scientists in their daily work
  • Take part in model deployment, working together with our ML Engineers

Preferred experience

Candidates should have the following qualities:

  • At least 3 years of experience in the design and deployment of ML algorithms, either for consulting missions or as part of data initiatives in industrial data initiatives
  • Strive to apply cutting edge AI techniques
  • Capacity to lead technical communication with customers
  • Desire to build physics-driven ML models
  • Strong coding skills, notably for the deployment of ML models written in python
  • Autonomous, hard working, team-oriented and fast learning
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to multitask and handle various priorities in a high paced environment
  • Fluent in English

The following would be considered as an advantage, but is not required:

  • Previous experience in innovation with industrial partners

Recruitment process

We have a standard recruitment process, based on the following steps:

  • A first screening call (around 30 min)
  • An online coding session (around 45 min), to assess general coding skills and ability to manipulate and explain datasets
  • A ML restitution task: the day before, we give you a dataset and some questions, which are very close from situations we treat in our daily work; and we organize a restitution to assess your pure ML skills, as well as your ability to communicate and innovate
  • A management task
  • A final interview, with non-technical profiles of the company, including the founders


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