Video Operator and Editor (M/F)


Video Operator and Editor (M/F)

  • Permanent contract 
  • Starting date:
  • 54, Rue de Lancry, Paris, 75010
  • Occasional remote authorized
  • Education: Not specified
  • Experience: > 2 years

The company



  • SaaS / Cloud Services
  • From 15 to 50 employees

The job

Video Operator and Editor (M/F)

  • Permanent contract 
  • Starting date:
  • 54, Rue de Lancry, Paris, 75010

  • Occasional remote authorized
  • Education: Not specified
  • Experience: > 2 years

Who are they?

lempire is a group of passionate and curious individuals who have this healthy obsession with building the world’s finest products and helping entrepreneurs around the globe to grow profitable and successful businesses.

Want to step inside the lempire’s world?

Our most famous product, lemlist, changed the way people do outreach. lemverse is making remote work feel more connected than ever before. Cold Email and LinkedIn Masterclasses have generated millions of dollars for B2B businesses, startups, and agencies worldwide. There’s also lempod, the tool that we sold in 2020, which helped thousands of people grow their LinkedIn profiles.

That was for the product part.

Now, what concerns you more, the content part:

  • Guillaume: daily valuable content to grow as a person and to grow a business on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok
  • Matt: videos for developers
  • lemlist: actionable content around cold email outreach and sales automation

We also produce masterclasses, ads, and some content for lempire’s social media.

As well as one secret documentary series still in production… 🤫

Want to know more about lempire?Company culture, teams, technical stack, jobs... Let's go for an immersion!
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Job description

As a Video Operator for lempire, you will be in charge of the video studio, and equipment, as well as all the recording sessions.

As a Video Editor, you will be in charge of the post-production of many videos, masterclasses, etc. Since we often launch new formats, you’ll also have to create brand-new visuals and some motion designs. We don’t quite like the pre-made templates, we prefer to make our own templates.

In the next 5 years, we want to grow the audience of the existing channels and launch new ones. And we want to have fun making videos always crazier, because we do things d!fferently.

You will work directly with our Head of Media, Nina, with all of the video team (we’re 4), and also with all the owners of the different content channels in order to adapt to their expectations and their audience.

Additional information

Our focus with perks and benefits is to offer everything teammates need to do their best, healthiest work and keep developing their craft.

💰  35k-38k annually

⛺️  In the video team, we like to share between steps of the creative process to exchange ideas and give or take advices, so you’ll be present every day at the office in Paris. Occasional remote work is possible

🏝  Vacations: 25 days per year

📈  Profit sharing: When lempire wins, all team members share the profits

💻  Gear: Get a laptop + tools and equipment you need for your job

✈️  Team building: We all get together once per year, in really cool places around the world

🤓  Bat(wo)man fund: Your dedicated budget for learning and development

Preferred experience

You are ambitious and want to work in a creative and challenging environment. You have at least 2 years of experience in video.

  • You’re a doer, which means you do a lot of things, you don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do.
  • You know how to train yourself, and when you face a problem, you find the solution, either by racking your brains or because you know the infinite potential of the internet.
  • You are logical. This allows you not only to find solutions but also to come up with ideas that meet the needs you encounter.
  • You are creative. You can’t help but bounce ideas off each other to create even more fun, impactful, and surprising videos. But again, with logic.
  • You can criticize your work. It pushes you to look for ways to improve, to find the mistakes and how to avoid them, and next time, to do much better.
  • Of course, you master Premiere Pro and After Effects, you know your way around Photoshop and Illustrator, and in your spare time, you look for new plug-ins or software to master.
  • You record in manual. Not automatic, manual. The parameters of any camera have no secret for you, in 30min you can take a new camera in hand, without missing the exposure, without shaking too much, and without mistaking the image profile or frame rate. (we shoot with a GH5 or an A7S III at lempire)
  • In the video team, we communicate mainly in French, so you’ll need to be fluent, and most of the content we produce is in English (and lempire’s members are English-speaking), so you master that too. Français, English, you master les deux.

Nice to have

  • You’ve already written or produced humorous content. Funny stuff. POUET.
  • You have video expertise that can bring a bonus to the team (writing, color grading…). It can be any domain, but you’re able to teach our team some things about it.

Recruitment process

To apply :

  • Send us a message mentioning 2 or 3 pro or personal projects you have developed in the last 3 years. They can be serious projects, side projects, or anything you want to share.
  • Also, tell us what you are an expert in.
  • Last but not least, put the word “watermelon” in your message to show us that you are thorough and that you have read the ad to the end.

We will try to answer you within 7 days.

And to give you an idea of the next steps:

  1. Online application and screening
  2. Interview with Nina, our Head of Media
  3. Editing and motion design exercise
  4. Shooting exercise in our video studio
  5. Interview with Jessy, one member from the Video Team, and someone from the People’s team
  6. Fight the dragon, get the golden key, turn left, and if you’re still alive, we’ll be happy to welcome you to the team! (truth is there’s no dragon.. sorry)


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