💸 Welcome Package + Fair renumeration

based on competence and experience

🏡 Work remotely or hybrid!

Choose the days you want to work at the office or stay at home

🕐 Flexible hours

work the most efficient way for YOU

📈 Equity

Possibility to get shares as the first few hires

💻 Tech Budget

according to your needs

😋 Legal Perks

  • 10€ Lunch card
  • 50% on transport
  • 50% on health insurance

Career development

The notion of ownership is something we don't take lightly - you will be able to manage and create your own projects from scratch. We let your creativity go wild without any micromanagement , while the team will be happy to help along.

We encourage learning and growing competences, so you have the opportunity to participate in free workshops with industry experts on a broad range of topics at Station F. If you find a course that other team members can benefit from, we'll be happy to keep you company!

Our founders never leave your efforts and dedication unnoticed. They're always happy to see you grow professionally, as we grow together as a company.

Laura, Head of Marketing

"Since I joined Leadjet, I was given all the necessary resources to grow in the company. I was the first employee of Leadjet and started off as a freelance Business Developer. From day 1, the founders, David & Romain, made me feel belonged & gave me a sense of ownership in my projects. Although I was given full independence, I never felt alone as I have amazing colleagues helping me. As the projects got bigger, I was given a chance to create my own team & manage them. We do our best to keep the hierarchy horizontal in Leadjet, so I feel at ease when working with both my managers & subordinates. Now, I’m the Head of Marketing at Leadjet & I feel fulfilled in this company."

Leadjet provided me with all the necessary resources to grow in the company. As the projects got bigger, I was given a chance to create my own team & manage them. I feel very fulfilled in this company.

Pierre Portejoie, Tech Lead,


One of Leadjet's core beliefs is continuous evolvement and learning. To support your personal and professional growth we:

  • Encourage project ownership, responsibility and pro-activeness
  • Provide you with access to Station F's "Office Hours" - aka free workshops with experts from a wide range of industries.
  • Giving you the opportunity to meet with experts from 35+ public services (from La French Tech) on Station F's campus
  • Host bi-annual Team Hackathons where we organise workshops to exchange knowledge, expertise and get inspired for the future

Work life

Team rituals and events

Team rituals and events

Our rituals:

  • Leadjet Team meetings every Monday - we start the week by gathering together to catch up with remote members and discuss upcoming plans and prioritize tasks.
  • Weekly Operational team meetings - Marketing and Dev teams gather together to discuss current projects and update each other
  • Monthly Core Team Meetings - full-time employees have “secret” talks with the founders
  • Monthly Individual Meetings with the founders - catch up, give feedback, discuss all things Leadjet and work experience
  • Quarterly Projects: Sometimes we will give tasks based on what you’re good at, otherwise you can also create your own project and be the lead
  • Regular Friday Team Lunches!
  • Team Hackathon - fun and strategic team workshops that take place every 6 months