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Ondřej is coming from the Czech Republic and his job is connecting the right people on the right topics to fulfill the content mission. He appreciates the diversity of activities and people he cooperates with on a daily basis. The biggest pleasure of his work is making an impact for travelers all around the world.

Ondřej says that being a manager means dealing with people which sometimes can be challenging but he finds it also as a sort of a blessing because at he works with smart, dedicated, and hard-working people.

Helena is managing the team that aims to source the best flights at the best prices. She decided to move from sunny Portugal to the Czech Republic, just because she fell in love with Headquarters, their people and company culture.

What she loves the most about her job is her multicultural and diverse team who is able to bond beyond cultural and personal differences. Her experience is that every Kiwi person is always willing to help. They call it their Kiwi Family, their group of colleagues that become friends and supporters, the ones you can call when you manage to lock yourself outside your home, for example.

Lenny is originally from Scotland, but for the past 15 years, he has worked in Sweden, Denmark, Poland and all over India. He is responsible for setting up and maintaining new vendor customer service sites around the world.

He enjoys the collaborative approach in and the ability to be creative every single day. He claims that is the most transparent organization that he has ever worked with and that if people make an error, they are able to admit it and learn from it. Since he is coming from a corporate background, working as a 'Kiwi' is still very refreshing for him, even after 3 years.

Petra is from the Czech Republic and her journey in started in January 2014 when the company had just 3 people working on the idea, and she decided to join their effort and build a great travel product. Back then, none of them had an idea of what will happen and how (un)successful the company will be.

They were working day and night in one room, even sleeping there on the floor in their sleeping bags. Today has cool offices in Brno and other locations all around the globe and it became a real global company with talented people from different corners of the world.

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About Kiwi is an online travel agency that developed its own algorithm for finding flight tickets. Their mission is to move people from any A to any B anywhere in the world, affordably and conveniently. They are achieving this by creating virtual interlining, by combining flights, trains and buses, in their search. was founded in 2012 in Brno, the Czech Republic and today they’re called a young scale-up. They even got awarded by Forbes that they are the most successful Czech startup! Today, is counting more than a thousand employees in their core offices and they have offices in Brno and Prague (the Czech Republic), Bratislava (Slovakia), London (UK) and Barcelona (Spain).

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The company culture is to assume the best of others and believe in the power of the team. They are constantly looking for motivated and passionate individuals ready to challenge themselves and make a meaningful impact in both the workplace and in the travel industry. They are not afraid of the employees making mistakes as their mantra is: fail, learn, repeat.

Good to know supports workplace freedom and friendly working relationships with people in the office. They encourage flexible time schedules and home offices. They describe their offices as the well-organized chaos of people (and dogs) of various origins, with crazy hobbies, lifestyles and life approaches.

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