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Keen Eye is 40 Keeneyitos spread across the Technical department, the Sales & Marketing Department, one Quality & Regulation team, one Product team and the People & Finance Department.

Employee breakdown

  • Tech


  • Sales & Marketing


  • Product


  • Supporting


The Technical Team

The Tech team is composed of multi-skilled team members, all together helping to build a robust and reliable product. Together they improve a secure web-based platform that allows pathologists to share, explore, annotate images inside a viewer that lets users navigate through any slide easily.

Teach Teams also develop AI algorithms to automatically analyze whole slide tissues with an unmatched accuracy. Their goal is to provide a robust product using the most relevant technologies.

They consider simplicity as a virtue and they take care of the long-term impact of the architectural choices.

Working at Keen Eye is obviously working in a very impactful and involving field.

Hippolyte Heuberger - Data Scientist

The Sales Team

The Sales Team is made up of business developers who are passionate about the intersection of tech and the Pharma and health industries. Their role is to showcase to Pharma, CRO, and medical researchers how AI image analysis can change the way clinical trials and medical research is performed today. The business developers attend meetings and conferences with interesting prospects, customers, and partners from all sectors of the Pharma industry. They also provide insights to the product team on customer needs to help guide the future Keen Eye platform. 

The Product Team 

The Product Team is made up of product owners and application specialists dedicated to the product development. Product owners are involved in designing features, managing the backlog and the priorities for the Tech Team. The application specialists are dedicated to application development by defining requirements and validation for Keen Eye AI applications catalog.

The Product team ensures the product meets the varied requirements of our customers. Product owners and application specialists work autonomously with the Tech Team squads so that each member of the product team can bring their stone to the building of the product.

As someone who considers myself a citizen of the universe, I really enjoy the rich mix of cultures that we have at Keen Eye

Paul Bioche - Product Owner

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