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Our Purpose 🚀

At Keen Eye, we work on unique projects for unique challenges. Joining Keen Eye is joining a passionate and motivated group of wonderful people working together as one to build something with meaning. 

Hybrid Culture 🏠

At Keen Eye we have the freedom to choose how to work, whether it be full remote, hybrid or full onsite. We believe that trust and flexibility are the first steps to a happy employee. We make sure that every day is an opportunity to improve ourselves and our Company.

Health Insurance 🩺

Keen Eye is built on the belief that Health is one of the most important topics in our lives, whether it’s physical health or mental health. The decision of covering full health insurance benefits was a no brainer for us. 

International Team 🌎

No two people in a team have the same background, the same origins or even the same nationality. We take pride in our very rich and colorful environment. 

Quality at work 🤗

Your voice matters at Keen Eye. We make it a point of honor to respect your boundaries, we don't praise the superhero culture but embrace a non judgmental attitude, open mindedness and respectful communication.

Personal Growth 🌱

We thrive on our differences, Keen Eye encourages us to be ourselves and to share our passions and skills, both professional and personal to create a trustful and motivating environment. 

Career development

At Keen Eye we believe that opportunity is a key ingredient to employee retention. We listen to our Keeneyitos (bi-annual skills & performance review) and make sure to support and pave their path to personal development with the right shots / openings according to their skills but also their ambitions within the team.  We make things happen whether you are a young padawan (youngest employee is 23 yo) or an experienced Jedi (wisest employee is 64 yo), we believe that no matter how experienced you are, you have something interesting and valuable to bring to the team. 

Joining Keen Eye isn’t just another job, it’s a journey that will last for years (our average seniority is of 3 years) !

Testimonial from Soizic Laguitton - Software Architect 

I joined Keen Eye in April 2017, as a backend developer. The following years the development teams expanded and in 2019, I progressively became the backend team lead. We built a great team with very complementary profiles and nice people. At the end of 2021 we worked together on improving our tech team organization to a multidisciplinary stream aligned tech teams model. Keen Eye set up those changes in early 2022 and gave internal opportunities for engineering manager positions and architect positions. I applied and now work as a software architect within the team. It’s very motivating to be trusted with a new position, and I really enjoy working on the technical backlog, transverse technical subjects and preparing features with the product team


🧑‍🎓📚💻 At Keen Eye we believe in constant learning, so we try our best to set up moments to allow our Keeneyitos to grow . Your journey starts with a mentor (godmother or godfather) and basic training to make sure that you’ll integrate properly. Through the Keen Eye Academy (Experience and Knowledge sharing classes) and various training on Legal, regulatory or technical topics, our Keeneyitos can improve their potential and reach excellence. 

We also believe that the workplace can be somewhere to grow as a person, that is why we also can learn from each other with our Happiness Master classes on how to change a tire on your 🚲 or how to play 🎸!


Work life

Team rituals and events

Team rituals and events

☀️😀People are the most important assets at Keen Eye and so is their happiness. We are a close and cheerful team and our "team life" is full of traditional and exceptional events (on site or virtual)

Our traditions include a team building / off site 🏄 once a year, a dress up Halloween Party 👻 in October, a fun Xmas celebration 🎄at the end of the year but also lots of after-works and remote coffees 🍻. 

🕹️Also, if you feel like it, you can join other Keeneyitos for a football table championship, yoga classes or a good old super Mario kart race. 

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