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Keen Eye
Keen Eye
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Keen Eye
Keen Eye
Keen Eye

Keen Eye offers the AI technology and great support to explore imaging data using hypothesis-free approach, saving significant experimental time in the identification of predictive histopathological signature.

From Head of Biotech R&D


They are a French deep-tech company that revolutionizes clinical research by empowering pathologists with next-generation digital pathology technology.

Through their proprietary software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, their customers throughout the world can access the latest image analysis technologies to standardize their daily practices, gain time and access tremendous amounts of critical AI insights.

Keen Eye's ambition is to become the worldwide leader in digital pathology by putting AI into the hands of every lab, doctors for the benefit of scientists, doctors and patients.

What they are looking for

From the start, Keen Eye knew that defining a common ground on which the company foundations were built was the most important thing to do. 

The "ground" here constitutes their values, it embodies the beliefs, principles and philosophies that drive their business and their employees in the same direction.  Trust, Authenticity, Excellence, Understanding, Responsibility, Cooperation, Humility and Kindness are the common ground that Keen Eye chose to build itself on.  These principles aren’t just words, they constitute day-to-day guidelines to federate everyone on the company’s project.

Keen Eye is looking for people who identify with the company's values and who are committed to leading a rewarding and impactful project.

Good to know

At Keen Eye, humans are the center of each project. They value long term relationships with their employees but also with their clients. They have successfully built a true bridge between technology and healthcare in a highly regulated environment and like any other rapidly growing company, their culture is relying mostly on strong lean and agile methodologies. 

With their international - English speaking environnement, Keen Eye offers unique challenges and rewarding opportunities to work with real pathologists. 

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