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With extensive experience in AdTech and mobile gaming, Olivier now leads Business Development at Homa Games, a chart-topping mobile games publisher. He and his team have already achieved a number of chart-topping hits, and are now looking for developers or studios from around the world who are making hyper-casual or casual games.

His Favorite Homa game is: Tower Color

Ludovic graduated from Isart Digital School as a Game Artist. He briefly worked as a freelancer in different areas in the Mobile Game, Advertising, and 3D animation industries. He then worked as an Art director for different-startups. In the meantime, he would teach 3D modelization and 3D animation at the Isart Digital school.

At the end of 2019, he joined Homa Games as a Motion Designer / 3D Graphist. He enjoys working as a motion designer at Homa Games because it allows him to work on different games, and allows him to discover new things every day. Ludovic also enjoys learning new market trends. His motto: To improve his work as well as his creativity.

On a personal level, Ludovic is a huge video game player. His biggest personal achievement? He’s got the platinum trophy he won on Bloodborne! He is also a Star Wars nerd, and enjoys Pop-Cultural movies, TV shows, comic books, and more!

His favorite Homa game is: Sky Roller

Lola Is from Almaty, Kazakstan. She’s had the opportunity to journey through five different countries throughout her life. She’s worked in very different types of industries but always with a passion for communication and creativity. She worked both in the private and public sectors and is fascinated by the difference in their communication strategies and project management. Her goal is to bring these two sectors closer to each other.

She joined Homa Games when it was launching one and a half years ago as a Publishing Coordinator. Today, she is a Publishing Manager working on assuring smooth and efficient communication between Homa Games and game developers. Her area of expertise is the gaming market in the ECA region, which includes Eastern Europe, Russia, Caucasus, and Central Asia. She enjoys working in projects that involve multiple stakeholders and enables her to act as an intermediary between them. She believes in bringing together different cultures, backgrounds, and mindsets in order to achieve better results.

Her Favorite Homa Games is: Combine it!

Goncalo obtained his Master's degree in Management in Lisbon. He moved to Paris in January 2018 in search of international experience. In February 2019, after one year of working for a Startup as a Data Analyst, he moved to Homa Games as a UA & Monetisation analyst.

As a non-french speaker, the multicultural environment at Homa Games allowed him to add new and disruptive ideas to the already implemented processes.

Moreover, after less than one year, Gonçalo was promoted to a managerial role he is now leading the UA & Monetisation team, which has allowed him to develop his leadership skills in one of the fastest-growing industries of 2020: Mobile Gaming.

At Homa Games, Gonçalo is faced with several challenges, these range from the creation of UA strategies to acquire new users, to optimizing the monetization processes without hurting the user’s experience.

His Favorite Homa Games is: Idle World !

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Homa Games is a leading mobile hyper casual game studio based in Paris. We are specialised in publishing, monetization and user acquisition.

Their culture and strategy rely on three pillars, powerful tech to give our games a step ahead competition, Tailor-made support to their partners and fair & transparent cooperation.

Homa Games team is international, dynamic and passionate about games, working fully with partners all around the world.

What they are looking for

Homa Games is looking for autonomous individuals, skilled in their own particular field with strong problem-solving and analytical skills.

Passionate people looking for exciting missions, always prompt to take up challenges and that are willing to take ownership and initiatives.

Good to know

They are an international team working fully in English and with clients everywhere around the globe. They are not a ping-pong startup but more an ambitious team of professionals working together to achieve their mission. They provide engineers with the equipment of their own choice (Mac or PC, 1 or 2 screens…) They organise regular Team events (Ski Trips, Seminars in the South of France…) and casual after-work drinks.

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