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Remote policy

Highspot supports flexible, hybrid working styles. Each department will determine the roles for each position based on the type of work, striving to provide flexibility wherever possible.

As a starting point in Highspot's journey to learn how to best collaborate in this new world of work, Highspot will loosely coordinate Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to be company-wide office days (may vary by department and role). By providing company-wide days, it allows employees and teams who choose to be in the office an opportunity to do so when others will also likely be present. We chose Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to facilitate the natural interplay between time needed to collaborate and time needed to do individual work.

Includes 💻

First and most importantly we are learning together and experimenting with new technologies and new best practices. Today we have video and audio conferencing in all conference rooms, Slack, Zoom, and Google Workspace which provide a solid foundation for the new world of working.

Highspot provided strong flexibility to people who needs to take PTOs and everyone truly cares about your health and happiness inside and outside the work. At the same time, the new world of work policy empowers employees to do their best at work with the most flexibility of a combined remote and in-office work mode.

Daisy Chen

Office Paris

The office is located in Place de la Concordes in a MORNING shared space. Our employees have their own open space and the opportunity to benefit from many amenities such as: an open kitchen, sport sessions with a coach (Yoga, boxe etc), nap room, billiard and massage sessions.


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