Data Science Intern, Customer Projects

Permanent contract
Salary: €21.6K to 26.4K
A few days at home


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The position

Job description

Giskard defends the vision of a Responsible AI that serves the economic performance of companies while respecting the rights of citizens. To embody this mission, Giskard provides a holistic testing platform for AI models.

Co-founded in 2021 by Alex Combessie (CEO, ex-Dataiku engineer & ex-strategy consultant) and Jean-Marie John-Mathews (CPO, ex-Thales data scientist & researcher in AI Ethics), we are aiming to build the #1 platform to ensure the quality, security & compliance of AI models, with open-source and collaborative values.

Track record

In 2022, we raised our first round of 1.5 M€, led by Elaia, with participation from Elaia, Bessemer and notable angel investors including the CTO of Hugging Face.

In 2023, we received a strategic investment of 3 M€ from the European Commission to build a SaaS platform to automate compliance with the EU AI Act.

In 2024, we Giskard got another funding of 3 M€ from the France 2030 strategic AI plan to fund R&D on Generative AI (LLM) evaluation, in a consortium of leading experts: Mistral AI, Artefact, INA and BnF.

You can read more about our latest news in the press: TechCrunch, La Tribune, Les Echos, BFM TV

About the role

As a Data Science Intern in the Customer Projects team you will:

  • Participate in AI application red-teaming for customers: finding LLM vulnerabilities, adding new evaluation methods & tests, writing audit reports & crafting dashboards
  • Provide technical guidance to customers on AI application blue-teaming i.e., how to mitigate vulnerabilities; as well as best practices on LLM application architecture, prompting and optimization.
  • Regularly liaise with the R&D team to relay feedback, suggest improvements and test new features
  • Collaborate with the sales & marketing team to support the sales pipeline, provide technical expertise, and create demos & technical content

We are looking for an entrepreneurial doer with a strong drive and initial experience in Data Science / AI / ML Engineering consulting roles. The role is open only to students in French engineering schools, looking for end-of-studies internships before their CDI.

About you

  • Master's degree from a Top 5 engineering school - ideally with a dual degree from a business school
  • Previous internship experience in consulting roles on Data Science / AI / ML Engineering projects for enterprise customers - preferably in international consulting firms or AI software companies.
  • Experience in LLM app development using tools such as Hugging Face, OpenAI, Mistral, LlamaIndex, Ollama, etc. or at least strong experience in MLOps
  • Ability to communicate complex ideas in simple and convincing ways, with a keen attention to details
  • Project management & self-organization skills
  • Ability to thrive in fast-paced environments and manage uncertainties
  • Fluency (oral & written) in both English and French
  • Proficiency in Python with open-source projects as proof
  • Bonus: experience in web development (React, FastAPI) and DevOps (Docker, AWS)


  • Team spirit & empathy
  • Being proactive & efficient
  • Transparency & trust
  • Being impactful in the AI field for society
  • Vision & long-term picture

Recruitment process

You can get an offer in 3 weeks 🚀

  • HR fit interview: 15 minutes
  • Manager fit interview: 30 minutes
  • Case study: 10 days to complete
  • Case study interview: 45 minutes
  • Final interview with founders: 45 minutes

We value diversity, equity, and inclusivity. Giskard is an equal-opportunity employer. We do not discriminate based on race, religion, color, origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran, or disability status.

We are remote-flex as we value productivity and work/life balance. You can adopt a hybrid work schedule where you come work from home 2-3 days / week. We only ask that you come to the Paris office (near Gare de l'Est and Canal Saint Martin) at least 1 day / week.

After internship, CDI employees are granted a significant equity package. We want to include everyone in the adventure and make it a collective win.

Internship Salary: between 1800€ and 2200€ / month

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