Fuzzy Logic Robotics

With his international profile as an entrepreneur and researcher, Ryan captains Fuzzy as it’s CEO. He is team leader and builder, with a focus on strategy, business development, partnerships and general management of the company. His strong technical background in robotics and his skills in management are key assets for a deep-tech startup like Fuzzy.

With his 10 years of experience in robotics R&D and software development, Antoine is the quintessential CTO. He participates with Ryan in Fuzzy's strategic choices and provides technological direction and product development. His know-how and unique technical experience give him an essential perspective to make strategic technological choices. Specifically, he develops and maintains technological partnerships, in particular with manufacturers of industrial robots.

As a former manager and industry leader (former CEO of Bosch Rexroth France and Sick France), Michel brings a wealth of experience to Fuzzy. While constantly keeping in mind Fuzzy's strategic destination, he challenges the operational priorities of the company's functions (Sales Marketing, HR, finance, etc.) on a daily basis, keeping the focus on the essentials. His "senior" support allows constant exchanges with the teams by injecting experience and perspective, laying the groundwork for rapid growth and success.

Romain is a recent graduate of the robotics specialty from Polytech Sorbonne. After his internship at Fuzzy, he decided to join the startup because it met all of its criteria: innovation, technical challenge and above all a dynamic team made up of experts in the field. Now, as a fulltime robotic engineer he contributes to both the technical, commercial and team development of Fuzzy every day!

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The Fuzzy Logic mission:

Help SMEs to power up their competitiveness and autonomy, by making robots adapt to them - not the other way around.

Their game-changing software is making industrial robots accessible to non-experts and revolutionizing flexible production for even the smallest factories. If you are crazy about robotics and ready to tackle real-world problems, then Fuzzy Logic is the place for you!


What they are looking for

Fuzzy Logic looks for people with open, curious, engaged personalities, and above all, those who take the initiative to solve the hard problems.

Industrial robotics is multidisciplinary by nature.

Fuzzy Logic is therefore looking for top tech talent with diverse backgrounds in robotics, UI/UX, 3D programming, and real-time embedded computing – just to name a few.

Good to know

Working at Fuzzy Logic is a human and technological adventure. Passion, candor and open communication are essential!

• Growing early-stage start-up • Tech already recognized (iLab2020 Prize, RIMA, COVR ...) and which is only at the beginning of its potential • Diverse international team in both skills and expertise • No need to own an industrial robot to join Fuzzy! We’ve got some already!

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