Front is a communication hub for building strong customer relationships on digital channels. For many businesses, almost every customer conversation can make or break the relationship — the stakes are that high. Front puts these conversations at the center of a team’s attention and surrounds them with collaboration capabilities and contextual data from multiple systems. This lets teams stay focused on delivering timely, accurate and deeply personalized communications. More than 8,000 businesses, including Shopify, Airbnb, Hulu, Lyft, and Mailchimp, use Front to build better customer relationships, one conversation at a time. To learn more, visit

Founded in 2013 by Mathilde Collin and Laurent Perrin, Front has raised $204 million in venture funding and counts 400+ employees across the US and Europe.

What they are looking for

  • They strongly believe in their values and they are looking for them into every candidate
  • At Front, communication is open, candid, and constructive to foster a culture of trust and integrity.
  • At Front, they strive to be generous and thoughtful in every interaction with each other and their customers.
  • At Front, they aim for excellence in everything they do and always go the extra mile for their customers.
  • At Front, everyone on the team shares in its impact, and they have the belief that they are better together than they are on their own.
  • At Front, they are eager to learn and never afraid to admit a mistake in order to learn from it.

Good to know

  • ​​Front’s Future of Work plan supports company culture while retaining flexibility for employees to work happier. Most Fronteers work in office Tuesdays and Thursdays to benefit from in-person collaboration (enhanced learning, engagement, and team bonding.) The rest of the week you can skip your commute and work wherever suits you best!

  • In May 2021, Front implemented Flexible Fridays. What does it mean? Flexible Fridays are a dedicated day every week where Fronteers can be more focused on work and less distracted by meetings and pings. There are no regular internal meetings and no expectation to respond instantly—just much more time to focus on creative work and mental well-being.

  • Whether it is climbing, building Legos, doing crafts, playing board games, biking, singing at Karaoke nights, watching movie marathons, or enjoying a homemade DJ set done by a Fronteer, our office managers are always on the look out to invent new fun ways to be together. You have great ideas? Join us, so all Fronteers benefit from it!

  • Once a month, during our all-hands meeting, an employee is granted with the title of “Fronteer of the Month”. While this win is celebrated, it’s quickly followed by a Fronteer sharing his or her “Stumble of the Month”. By encouraging employees, of any seniority — including our C-level executives — to openly share about a mistake that they have made and the learnings that they have taken from it, we foster a culture of transparency, care and high standards.

  • In 2018, Front the Front Foundation and adopted the Pledge 1 percent pledge for Corporate Philanthropy, pioneered by This means that 1% of the company's Equity is set aside for the charitable foundation, 1% of the Product is made available in the form of donations for qualified non-profits, and 1% of every employee's Time (3 days / year) is set aside for volunteering efforts.

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