Forest Admin

Forest Admin

Full Stack Developer - Customer Experience

  • Permanent contract 
  • Possible full remote

The company

Forest Admin

Forest Admin

    The job

    Full Stack Developer - Customer Experience

    • Permanent contract 
    • Possible full remote


    Forest Admin is a universal admin interface designed to manage your application’s data and all your company’s business operations. We created the app to make developer’s lives easier, so they can focus on building awesome products instead of wasting time building and maintaining homemade admins. All Apps need an Admin, which means we have an impact on virtually all web related businesses.

    Our product is deeply technical and requires to deal with and integrate many stacks and development frameworks. It keeps us in constant touch with other developers from great companies, which is why we consider it essential that all of us in the team are able to “speak code”.

    Forest Admin was co-founded by eFounders the startup studio that launched startups like Front, Aircall, Mention, Spendesk, Textmaster and Mailjet.

    You’ll be joining our Customer Experience (‘CX’) team which consists of Full stack developers, PMs, Solution Engineers and Customer Success professionals. Every day, you will work closely with the team to ensure our customers’ voice is heard and then put into practice within the organisation. This team is one of our key growth drivers today!

    Learn more about Forest Admin:

    Job description

    You will work with our customers and other Forest Admin teams (CS, Product, Sales, etc.) to help deliver the best Customer Experience.

    • Managing and resolving questions and support issues raised by our Customers, with a high degree of technical complexity.
    • Creating technical content to demonstrate best practices and how-to examples (e.g. sample apps, code snippets, documentation, videos, etc.)
    • If there are technical limitations in Forest Admin that need solving via code (e.g. a bug, a missing feature, etc.), you are encouraged to build elegant technical solution based on our framework
    • Gather customer feedbacks and improve the product based on experiments with customers
    • Thinking and building the upcoming Forest Admin features

    Preferred experience

    • Experience in developing, releasing, and maintaining web and native applications under pressure
    • A strong knowledge of at least one Javascript front-end web framework
    • Knowledge about at least one cloud platform (Kubernetes, AWS..)
    • Solid understanding of web technologies
    • Passion about writing high-quality, maintainable and robust code
    • Ability to work with Git
    • A good culture fit (passionate - reliable - straightforward)
    • Hacker spirit: you love technical challenges, to prototype and to find creative ways to solve problems in the shortest timeframe.
    • Doer DNA: “Tomorrow” is not part of your vocabulary. You get shit done and hate procrastination.
    • Product Lover: you thrive for well designed UX and always focus on customers needs
    • Fluent in both French and English, with excellent verbal and written skills
    • Excellent client contact skills, ability to remain calm and composed when dealing with tough customer situations

    Why you should apply?

    • Opportunity to take part in the creation of a new class of SaaS products
    • Stimulating experience with a high diversity of subjects (technical, product)
    • Exciting time to join a fast paced startup
    • Competitive salary
    • Strong company values and team ethos
    • Cool roof-top offices located in the center of Paris (75009)
    • Great team events

    Learn more about our culture
    The Lumberjacks’ Code of Honor
    Hiring is a two-way street

    Meet the team

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