This position is no longer available.

Full-stack Developer - CDI - full remote

Permanent contract
Salary: Not specified
Experience: > 4 years

Forest Admin
Forest Admin

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Questions and answers about the job

The position

Job description

As a member of Forest’s engineering team, you will be deeply involved in:

  • Thinking and building upcoming features

  • Leading front-end and back-end developments

  • Maintaining and enhancing our code base and integrated systems

  • Performing regular testing of our code

  • Choosing and maintaining our tech tool belt

Preferred experience

  • A strong knowledge of Javascript

  • Knowledge of at least one Javascript front-end web framework

  • Knowledge of at least one back-end web framework

  • Knowledge in SQL

  • Experience developing, releasing, and maintaining web and native applications.

  • Solid understanding of web technologies

  • Proficient with Git or an equivalent

  • Good culture fit: we value passionate, reliable and collective-minded team members

  • Hacker spirit: you love technical challenges, prototyping and finding creative ways to solve problems in the shortest timeframe.

  • Doer DNA: “Tomorrow” is not part of your vocabulary. You get shit done and hate procrastination.

  • Product Lover: you thrive for well-designed UX and always focus on customer needs

Why you should apply?Hiring is a two-way street

Learn more about our cultureThe Lumberjacks’ Code of Honor

Recruitment process

  • Screening call with our Talent Aquisition Manager, Mélodie

  • 1st interview with our CTO, Arnaud

  • Technical test session with members of the tech team

  • Culture fit interview with our CEO, Sandro

  • Reference checks

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