Senior Product Manager

  • Permanent contract 
  • Paris
  • Partial remote authorized
  • > 4 years

The company



    The job

    Senior Product Manager

    • Permanent contract 
    • Paris
    • Partial remote authorized
    • > 4 years


    Finary is building your personal finance OS. Forget about spreadsheets, Finary allows you to track, manage and invest your wealth. They believe that technology can enable everybody to become great investors. To achieve that, they are reinventing the experience from the ground up.

    Finary is backed by YC, leading VCs like Speedinvest & Kima, advised by experts, and has assembled a team of veteran engineers and marketers. Users love their product and they’re just getting started!

    Job description

    Product management at Finary

    Our product is the core of the company and every employee is committed to make it best-in-class.

    Our organization was built on the Shape up model, with monthly cycles, which gives us a good balance between velocity and ideation.

    We also believe that product discovery is the key to sane growth and we build everything hand-in-hand with our users (sometimes literally hand-to-hand). We have an amazing user community which is an invaluable source of user insights.

    Our current product stack: Productboard, Amplitude, Figma, Linear, Notion.

    What you’ll do

    🤝 We have 2 positions open: 1 to grow our existing product and 1 to launch a new product in 2022.

    • Research user problems and define the right ones to solve;
    • Contribute to our roadmap by being the voice of our users;
    • Help the team build the best solutions for our users and ensure the deliverables are qualitative;
    • Measure the impact of your work continuously with product analytics and qualitative research;
    • Communicate with internal stakeholders about your achievements and future projects;
    • Improve internal processes with the rest of the product team by bringing your expertise and market best-practices.

    Preferred experience

    Skills we are excited about

    Soft skills

    • You are a team-player, you are humble and you like to help others grow;
    • You are genuinely friendly and ambitious;
    • You like to take initiatives and find new creative solutions to problems;
    • You are an excellent communicator. You know how to coordinate teams, collect feedback and identify bottlenecks.

    Hard skills

    • 5+ years as a Product Manager in a product-driven organization;
    • You have a track record in product discovery and product delivery;
    • You are comfortable with product analytics (Amplitude is a plus);
    • You have some experience with mobile products;
    • You are fluent in English (written and spoken).


    • You are passionate about personal finance & investing;
    • You have a successful Fintech experience.

    Recruitment process

    • Screening call with our Head of Product (~30 min.);
    • Asynchronous case-study (few hours);
    • Meet the team (~2 hours)
    • Let’s do it!

    Meet the team

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