Lead Product Researcher

  • Permanent contract 
  • Lagos
  • 3 years of college
  • > 5 years

The company



  • Banking, Big Data, FinTech / InsurTech

The job

Lead Product Researcher

  • Permanent contract 
  • Lagos
  • 3 years of college
  • > 5 years

This position was filled!


FairMoney is building the leading mobile bank for emerging markets.

They started with a digital microcredit application on Android, and are rolling out additional financial services (current account, savings, debit card) while expanding the product to Western Africa and South-East Asia.

So far they disbursed over 3,000,000 micro-loans and give more than 7,000 loans daily. They are backed by top notch US/EU investors and have raised over USD 15m Venture Capital to support a stellar growth. They are a team of +100 between Paris, Lagos, Bangalore in Engineering (Android, Data, Backend), Product, Marketing, Risk & Data Science and Operations - and they won’t rest before the FairMoney app is in the hand of millions!

Their values

Start with the client 📊
We are passionate, optimize for our users, care for our impact

Own, don’t rent 💥
We strive for ownership and don’t rest until what we own is accomplished

Scientist mindset 👩‍🔬
We solve large challenges, break them into small pieces, make well reasoned conclusions

Churn 9-5 🎯
Work should be something we love and embrace * that we measure in tasks achieved, not hours completed

Fly High - Fly Low 🙌
We fly high to make big and bold plans - strategize
We fly low and put our hands in the dirt to ensure the detailed high quality output of us and those that we manage

70/30 ⚡
We value execution speed and making decisions with 70% of the available data and a 30% margin of error over 100% accuracy and being blocked by over-analysis

Direct Feedback 🤝
We don’t carry frustration with us but give direct feedback to our colleagues regularly to make sure we all improve and get better

Radical Focus 🔎
Our mantra is to start with the question, “What should not be done this week to increase the focus on the things that really matter

Job description

When it comes to building great products, the Product Research function is the first line of defence. The product researchers are the gatekeepers of the truth, keep the other team members honest about which problems need to be solved and ultimately are the ones which hydrate the funnel of work done by other stakeholders in the product development value chain - product design, product management, product engineering et al

At FairMoney, we not only accept this truth - we embrace it.

To that, we are looking for an experienced product researcher who has the below skillset & qualities and is eager to join a group of fellow missionaries who are disrupting the financial services industry in one of the last remaining frontiers of the world where technology has not been utilised to its maximum potential to boost financial inclusion: AFRICA!

Preferred experience

  1. You have a strong understanding of human psychology & biases and use that as a foundation of your research.
  2. You believe in discovering real problems faced by real people & not stopping until you get to the heart of the problem. To be crystal clear on this, the opposite of this trait would be akin to falling in love with a shiny solution (just because its the new trend) and then trying to pigeon hole it back into a artificially created problem statement
  3. You are well versed in a wide variety of research methodologies & know which weapon to use from this arsenal basis the nuances of the problem statement: size & scope; tactical & strategic; formative & summative; qualitative & quantitative; et al
  4. You define, maintain & own the user research roadmap
  5. You see the big picture & without getting lost in details. This allows you to easily digest raw data from reviews, user feedback, customer support tickets, focus groups et al & come up with actionable recommendations.
  6. You can easily communicate (both in a written & spoken manner) your research discovery & then convey that as an actionable insight in an articulate manner
  7. You effectively collaborate with fellow Product Managers, Product Designers & business stakeholders. The operative word here is “Collaborate” which also means challenge unclear assumptions, help concretise diffused problem statements & ensure that if we get lost in our discussions, we reorient by putting the user’s interest at the locus of all decisions
  8. You know the right balance to strike between using data & your gut/intuition. But you do not always use the latter as an escape route to convince your stakeholders
  9. You are guilty of attracting talent :-) . This is important because you will need to recruit a team of product researchers to help us uncover even more deep insights about our users across the different business units at FairMoney
  10. Despite all of the super powers, you have no chip on the shoulder & are fun to work with.

Preferred background & experience:

  • 5+ years of consumer research experience with proven success in building consumer facing products in emerging markets
  • Prior experience building mobile first, Fintech products (lending, savings, payments, investments, insurance & remittance)
  • Masters degree in fields like human psychology, Human Computer Interaction etc., would be added advantage

Recruitment process

Stage 1: Experience/Background/Deep dive in the research function with Rohan (45 minutes)
Stage 2: Technical Assessment
Stage 3: Assessment de-brief of ~ 45 minutes with Rohan, CPO
Stage 4: Interview with members of our design team
Stage 5: Interview with one more PM
Stage 6: Cultural Fit Call with the CEO/C-Suite

Meet the FairMoney team

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