This position is no longer available.

Infrastructure Engineering Intern

Job summary
Internship(2 to 3 months)
Salary: Not specified
Starting date: July 21, 2024
Skills & expertise
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Positive attitude
Problem-solving skills


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Questions and answers about the job

The position

Job description


  • Implement cost reduction opportunities on our Infrastructure platforms using modern infrastructure tooling.


  • Gather knowledge of best practices on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platforms in an enterprise context.

  • Dive into our current Infrastructure as Code (IaC) including Terraform and CDKTF (TypeScript).

  • Identify cost reduction opportunities, balancing their value and time to implementation.

  • Develop and experiment cost reduction features.

  • Report on assessed opportunities including cost reductions and impact.

  • Implement suggested improvements on our Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms.

Internship at Fabriq

  • 2-3 months internship

  • France based - full remote, in the Parisian office, or a mix of both (50% of Paris metro card covered by Fabriq)

  • 10€ daily Restaurant Tickets with Swile (60% covered by Fabriq)

The Stack

  • Infrastructure:

    • Infrastructure as Code: Terraform HCL and Terraform CDKTF

    • Containers: engine : Docker, runtime : AWS fargate, orchestration : AWS ECS

    • VM : AWS EC2, Image (AMI): Packer

  • Storage:

    • Object: AWS S3, Relational : AWS RDS
  • Backend:

    • Graphite stack: Platform service : AWS ECS, Programming framework: Django, Programming language : Python

    • Diamond: Platform service : Cloudflare workers, Runtime technology : workerd, Configuration technology : capnp, Programming framework : Deno, Programming, language : TypeScript

  • Frontend:

    • Programming language : TypeScript, Programming framework: Vue.js, Platform service : Cloudflare Pages, Runtime technology : workerd, Observability & monitoring :
  • Trace & Monitoring : Honeycomb

  • Logs : Datadog

Preferred experience

  • Comfortable working in English and in French

  • A positive and curious personality

  • A willingness to learn new methodologies and practices

  • Analytical and problem-solving capabilities

  • Good organizational and prioritization skills

  • General knowledge of cloud computing and product observability

  • Technical knowledge of Python and/or Typescript

  • General knowledge of infrastructure as code

  • General Knowledge of software architecture concepts

Recruitment process

  • Screening - 15 min

    • Test the candidates compatibility with the job requirements

    • Present the company, current challenges, and work environment

    • Gather information about the candidate’s availability, enquiries and salary expectations

  • Technical interview with the Infra Unit - 60 min

    • Test the candidate’s technical skills

    • Determine cultural fit with the Infrastructure Unit

    • Answer questions regarding the job and the company

  • Tech team interview - 60min

    • Meet other tech team members to discuss the tech culture and other team activities
  • Meet the Head of Technology - 45 minutes

    • Present the technical vision and determine the cultural fit

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