After having worked for several years in auditing and consulting in various business sectors, Eglantine turned to market infrastructures in 2007.

She joined Euronext at the end of 2011 and became head of the CEO's office at the time of ICE's takeover and IPO. In 2015, she takes over the direction of the strategic program to develop and implement the new Euronext listing system.

Timothy joined the Corporate Actions team in 2015 as an analyst in charge of advising listed companies on their market operations. He then specialized in complex transactions, participated to local custodian committees and finally focused on projects within the market operations’ division.

Thanks to this rich and diverse experience, he recently joined the Global Sales team as a Sales Associate. In addition of managing trading firms’ business relationship on the French and Swiss areas, he supports product specialists team in their projects and commercial rollout.

Thibault joined Euronext in 2018 as an intern in the Fixed Income product team and then moved to the derivatives team as Financial Derivatives analyst. He is in permanent contact with the different trading members in order to manage the business relationship on the product development, market structure and strategy of the derivatives franchise.

Anais initially joined Euronext IT teams in 2019 for an internship. She worked on the design and the development of an application for file validation for regulators.

Just graduated, she started her career as a Software Developer. Her deep interest in financial markets and her passion for IT allow her to work on the development of a software to monitor the activity of Liquidity Providers on the Cash and Derivatives markets.

Flavia joins Euronext Porto in 2016 as Product Support and Functional Analyst. His deep interest in IT and financial markets allows her to work on the Optiq project.

In 2018, she became Business Analyst and is now responsible for creating functional designs for the new trading platform features taking into account customer needs, technical impacts and quality assurance.

Shelley starts her career at Euronext Amsterdam in 2011 as a Real Market Data Analyst.

In 2014, she moves to market data policy development through a new real-time market data single license agreement.

In 2017, she becomes responsible for the commercial and regulatory aspects of real-time market data through P&L supervision.

She is a member of an expert group on market data of the Federation of European Security Exchanges (FESE).

Sophia joins the Euronext Paris events department in 2016 during an internship. She then worked on the development of marketing strategy in Brussels as part of Euronext's International Mobility (V.I.E) program.

With this international experience, she became Event Manager in 2018. Today, she contributes to the organisation and coordination of more than 200 corporate events every year. She works with many players in the financial ecosystem in France and Europe and participates in the implementation of Euronext's marketing strategy.

Joel joins Euronext Market Surveillance in 2013 as an Analyst in charge of contributing to the trading sessions. He will then specialize in high frequency trading and market fragmentation issues, before moving on to projects in the Market Operations division.

Based on these experiences, he joined the Issuer Relations (Listing) teams as an Analyst. In addition to being in charge of data quality and sales support, he is assigned to various business development and strategic deployment projects.

Francisco Gonçalves Joined Euronext in 2017 as a QA Analyst.

He worked on delivering OPTIQ® for international Exchanges, followed by OPTIQ® Derivatives for Euronext Markets, while moving to a Team specialized in the End-to-End testing of all Euronext Systems.

Ricardo joined Euronext in 2018, where he works as a System Administrator, being in contact with the whole Company.

Beside the hard skills, this position requires a lot of soft skills to deal with people every day which fits perfectly to Ricardo who is very adaptive and positive and loves to solve challenges to help the Euronext teams.

Patrícia joined Euronext Porto in April of 2018 as a Software Developer trainee, in the Tools and Automation team.

During this time, she was able to work on the tool that QA teams to test OPTIQ and Orchestrator, the tool that allows teams to monitor OPTIQ®, the Euronext trading platform.

In 2020, she became Software Engineer in the Data Services team, and is working on projects related to business and Data, like DataShop.

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Does the CAC 40 speak to you? But did you know that behind it is Euronext?

Euronext is the leading pan-European stock exchange and brings together the financial markets of Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Lisbon, Milan, Oslo and Porto.

Recent acquisitions and international expansions have enabled the group to expand its service offering and be present in 18 countries. Euronext has tripled in value since 2014 and has around 1,920 issuers listed on its markets with a total market capitalisation of €6.6 trillion in March 2022.

Their varied product offering includes stocks, bonds, certificates, indices, ETFs, currency trading and caters to a diverse clientele.

Euronext also relies on its expertise to provide technological solutions transforming financial markets around the world, and does not lack assets to become the reference place to finance the real and sustainable economy.

What they are looking for

Join a vibrant international team and thrive in a high-performing culture. They have great opportunities for all types of profiles ranging from finance (analysts, project managers, business developers) to IT (developers, architects, QA, operations), to central functions (marketing, human resources, legal, regulatory affairs), and more!

They are looking for motivated, hands-on candidates who are keen to learn and to create. While you are not required to be familiar with the functioning of financial markets, you should be curious to learn more about the stock exchange ecosystem. If you have an entrepreneurial mindset and believe that innovation can thrive within an established business, then this is the place for you!

They value those who dare to take initiatives, explore new areas of expertise and share their ideas to make progress with their team. If you speak English fluently and are passionate about working in an international environment, there’s sure to be a career option at Euronext that’s right for you.

Good to know

Their internal culture promotes employee well-being through their Wellnext programme and encourages CSR initiatives. Celebrate major internal successes with a ‘Bell / Gong ceremony’ on the trading floor. Take advantage of their ‘Learning Weeks’ with a range of internal and external thought leaders, and ‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions on the latest tech and capital market trends.

Seize opportunities with flexible career paths in all of their cross-border departments. With a clear view of your responsibilities, you make an impact on your projects and shape your scope from the outset. Euronext will help you plan your development from the start.

Jump-start your career with them through one of their Early Career initiatives. Their Trainee, Apprenticeship and International Mobility (VIE) programmes expose you to multiple facets of the latest technologies and projects in a world-class international environment.

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