At Eaton, Olga mainly deals with the development of new software, helps customers with complex issues, and participates in various other projects. She communicates daily with her colleagues from the Netherlands and Austria and visits them in person about once a year. Olga likes that she can participate in several programs supporting children, university students, or women in technical fields. She appreciates how the company has supported her during her distance master’s degree studies, and how it accommodates her time restrictions now that she has a little daughter at home. Olga spends most of the time with her. They go for walks, to the zoo, or ride roller skates. She would like to get back to playing piano like she did when she was little.

Stanislav has spent more than 30 years as a physicist both in academia and industry. Since 2017, he works at Eaton as the Team Manager for Arc Modeling and Simulations. Together with his colleagues, he makes sure that the electric circuits are as optimized and safe as possible. He works on various projects both at the company and with other people from the academic sphere. Since he communicates with colleagues all around the world from the US to China, he needs to work with different time zones. However, he appreciates the opportunity to use English every day – he only speaks Czech in rare cases. He compensates for the time spent behind the computer screen riding a bike or hiking in nature. He travels around Europe a lot. He took a special liking to Portugal and Italy.

During his studies at the University of Turin, Mirko did a year-long internship at the Italian Eaton branch and smoothly transitioned to the Czech Republic. He coordinates the production of truck motors. Mirko makes sure that all the components are available for the deadlines to be met, and he communicates with the Italian partners. He likes the multicultural team at Eaton, where you don’t need to speak fluent Czech and still be a fully-fledged team member. Communication with people who are passionate about their work motivates him. He describes himself as a workaholic, but he still tries to have enough free time. He trains every day and prepares for a triathlon race. Mirko also cooks, takes photos of nature, listens to marketing podcasts, and meets with friends.

Since Luděk finished his chemical engineering studies, he has always worked in development. For example, he worked on the development of hydrogen technologies or special processes for water purification. Thanks to that, he had the opportunity to visit Austria or Canada. However, he is originally from Roztoky, and so he was intrigued when he learned that Eaton, one of the largest tech companies worldwide, was planning to open an innovation center in his hometown. He applied for a job and succeeded. In retrospect, he believes that it was one of the best decisions of his life. Luděk and his 30-member team deal with the development of powertrains for both passenger vehicles and trucks. His main task is to take care of the team members. He makes sure that they have plenty of quality projects, the necessary software and laboratory equipment, and an adequate work environment. Every day, he tries to squeeze in at least half an hour in the lab, so he can see in person what his colleagues are up to.

Unique innovation centre

Eaton is a power management company made up of over 96,000 employees, doing business in more than 175 countries.with many sites and manufacturing plants in Europe. In 2009 Eaton decided to extend its R&D capability by building a new innovation center in Europe. It was decided to locate this center in the Czech Republic to make it possible for Eaton to be close to its customers across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Our Roztoky Eaton European Innovation Center was established in 2012 and is one of five global innovation centers around the world. It is a young, very lively facility, focused primarily on innovation in the area of electrical, automotive, hydraulic, software and aerospace applications. . Our goal is to develop and implement new solutions in the field of industrial automation, vehicle propulsion systems, power distribution, hydraulics and uninterruptible IT power supplies. We also focus increasingly on the electrification of mechanically and hydraulically operated systems.

Borderline sci-fi projects

Each of our five labs focuses on different things. In the automotive lab, we test the functionality and lifetime of combustion engines in order to try and reduce fuel consumption and emissions. In the residential lab, we focus on the automation of households. For example, we develop complex, wireless, remote-controlled control systems: in real life this means that you can regulate temperature, lights and many other things in your home via a mobile app. The advantage of our innovation center is the fact that we work on everything from software development to hardware production. In our hydraulic lab, we test hydraulic components such as pumps, motors and valves. The team in our electro lab is currently working on a project in which we develop machines that communicate with other machines via Internet. This system is frequently used in automobiles. In our IT power lab we test software that monitors back-up sources used in case of a power outage. We also monitor how much power servers and back-up sources use. This is especially useful for data centers so they have an overview of how to efficiently and economically handle energy.

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