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After 2.5 years of experience within Neomobile as a Mobile Project Manager & Business Developer, Lorenzo made the choice to leave his native country, Italy, to join the Dreamin adventure at the beginning of 2018. Looking for a new big challenge within an ambitious startup, where lots were to build back then, he has been seduced by the project. Today Lorenzo is managing a team of 2 and has as mission to develop all the media partnerships within Dreamin. Always on the lookout for new market trends, his biggest strengths are his curiosity and his strong implication in all of the company’s projects, as well as his active participation in setting up new projects designed together. What about after a day of work ? Lorenzo loves inviting the team over for dinner to make them discover the real recipe for pasta alla carbonara (without "crème fraîche")

Stefan, a full stack developer for Paris 8 University, decided to join Dreamin in September 2018 for a major project: the development of the internal optimization platform. Accompanied by a Product Owner and various freelancers, they managed together to create a product that has already doubled the productivity of the team and they do not plan to stop there. What about after a day of work ? Also involved in the politics of his native country, he is the first volunteer to share a drink and speak about european politics or play a new game of “Werewolf” #youknowitoryoudont.

Cloé is a born entrepreneur. After working for a mobile agency at the end of her studies, she quickly started her first company; a Fashion rental mobile app. After 2 intense and adventurous years, she discovered the full potential of launching a new international mobile agency and thus founded Dreamin with her 3 friends and associates. Thanks to her marketing and technical skills, she was able to make Dreamin a brand recognized for its professionalism, and initiated the development of its technological platform. Queen of efficiency, she has implemented many processes that allow all of her teams to work better together. Her aim? Push her team to acquire the real reflexion and mindset of an intrapreneur.
Her favorite accessory? Her yoga mat, which she brings everywhere with her on her many travels.

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Founded in 2016, Dreamin is an expert of user acquisition for its Clients: international app developers. The startup's know-how combined with its proprietary technology allows them to target the most engaged users across the world, the ones who will be the most profitable for its clients. Indeed, with a ROI-centric approach, Dreamin has invested in the development of its own unique platform, allowing real-time optimizations of its ad campaigns and results.

Thanks to the entrepreneurial mindset of their team members, their innovative way of thinking and ambition, they experienced exponential and international growth since the beginning. With the aim to continuously grow and expand into new markets, the goals are: 1) Continue to grow on all the European, American and Asian markets, 2) Develop new mobile marketing offers and expertise to its Clients, 3) Pursue and intensify their R&D investments into their ad tech platform.

The main intention and aim being: establish themselves as a mobile advertising expert in the international market.

What they are looking for

Dreamin is looking for personalities over competences. The Team is what matters most within the startup. Though an appeal to digital advertising and an experience in that field are important, what really matters is finding a team player who feels passionate about what we do and wants to become part of their “family”. A family defined by the following values:

  • They are Dreamers: they are ambitious and one of the conditions of that ambition is to allow themselves to dream => It always seems impossible until it’s done.
  • Explorers: They are curious. Their will to learn new things leads them to always explore new horizons, in both the professional and personal spheres. This with enthusiasm and passion, without being afraid to go outside of their comfort zone and beyond the tasks they are assigned to.
  • Doers: Having ideas is a good start, executing them is the real challenge. Thus they are in favor of quick and efficient implementation, advocating the “Test & Learn” over the “Wait & See” philosophy.
  • Designers: whether it relates to handling and fixing a problem or implementing a new project, innovation and creativity are more than encouraged within Dreamin
  • Players: real challengers & gamers, characteristics of every team member as well as big team players; collaboration within the team and its management, trust and tolerance are essential values for a diversife and international team.

Good to know

Dreamin has been founded by 4 associates who not only share an expertise in mobile marketing, but also a mantra: “Do a work that you like and you won’t get the feeling that you are actually working a single day of your life”. To accomplish it, they have done their best to hire and create a complementary team, who really enjoys working together, but also share drinks after work and even travel together. Indeed, one of the greatest sources of finding new business opportunities is through Conferences, thus voluntary teams are often able to travel across the globe. Only within this year, they had the chance to discover all of these exciting cities:

  • Bangkok
  • Las Vegas
  • Miami
  • St-Petersburg
  • New York
  • Barcelona
  • Tel Aviv
  • Bologna
  • Berlin
  • London…

Open-mindedness as well as international background are greatly appreciated qualities within Dreamin. It also explains why 50% of their team comes from all over the World and the office’s official language is English.

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