Infrastructure Engineer - Dev XP Apprentice m/f/d

Permanent contract
Salary: Not specified
No remote work


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The position

Job description

The Core Product - Developer Experience Team is looking for an apprentice Infrastructure engineer. The purpose of our team is to help teams achieve fast, secure and reliable deployments and releases by better understanding their delivery pipelines and optimizing the 4 key metrics of DevOps performance (Deployment Frequency, Lead Time, Change Failure Rate, Mean Time To Restore Service).

You will help by working on automating one of our main tools for build, you'll also get the chance to work closely with other teams as developers are at the heart of our work. you'll drive the project from end-to-end from design, first steps to fully working tool in production.

you'll report to a DevXP manager and mentored by a member of the team

What you will do:

By joining the DevXP Team at Deezer, you will:

  • Work on tools that help automating builds
  • Collaborate with other teams to improve their build and release process of their apps
  • Monitor, detect anomalies, investigate problems, resolve incident and write good post-mortem
  • Participate to code review of solutions
  • Implement and optimize the SLOs and the Four Key Metrics of our services
  • Help the team reduce and automate run/toil tasks

Preferred experience

This role is excellent for a person with:

  • Bac +5 students
  • Experience with DevOps practices and philosophy (we use Docker, Git, Ansible, Jenkins, Helm, Terraform, Molecule, Prometheus, Grafana, ELK, Golang, etc.)
  • Good communication skills and the capacity to adapt
  • At ease in teamwork and sharing of work
  • Ability to learn, to be creative and innovative
  • Good in writing well-documented procedures (english recommended) 

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