Senior DevOps Manager – Platform team (All Genders)

Job summary
Permanent contract
Salary: Not specified
No remote work
Experience: > 4 years
Skills & expertise
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DevOps principles
Problem-solving skills


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The position

Job description

Joining the Dailymotion engineering team means deploying cutting-edge video technologies on a global scale and taking on technical challenges to develop innovative products and services.

Dailymotion is seeking a talented and dynamic Senior DevOps Manager and Tech Lead to join the Platform Craft.

You will collaborate with proficient professionals in a technically advanced, at-scale environment, integrating both on-premise and cloud computing infrastructures.

Reporting directly to the VP of Platform, you will manage a team of DevOps engineers.

As both a manager and technical leader, you will orchestrate your team's resources, employing organizational frameworks and agile methodologies to deliver efficient solutions to a large range of engineering and business challenges.

Leadership, Management and Collaboration

  • Lead, mentor, and manage a team of DevOps engineers
  • Foster a culture of collaboration, knowledge sharing, innovation and continuous improvement.
  • Define and drive the DevOps strategy and roadmap aligned with engineering and business goals.
  • Manage direct reports' workload, project prioritization, and task assignments within the company's Agile organizational framework, processes and ceremonies.
  • Work closely with development, QA, and operations teams to ensure seamless integration and deployment of applications.
  • Liaise with stakeholders to gather requirements, provide updates, and deliver solutions that meet engineering and business needs.
  • Promote DevOps best practices and advocate for automation and platform improvements.

Tehnical Expertise

  • Design, implement, and maintain scalable, high-performance and resilient infrastructures as code in a hybrid context, leveraging both on-premise and cloud service providers such as AWS and GCP.
  • Design, deploy and maintain Kubernetes clusters on various platforms and stay updated on its ecosystem's developments and new features to identify opportunities for improvement and optimization.
  • Identify and resolve design optimizations or performance bottlenecks in applications and infrastructure to improve efficiency, reduce resource consumption and save costs.
  • Design, build, and maintain robust CI/CD pipelines to automate the software development lifecycle and ensure consistency and reliability across development, staging, and production environments.
  • Set up and manage comprehensive monitoring and logging systems using tools like Datadog or ELK stack  to proactively identify and resolve infrastructure and application issues.
  • Lead incident response efforts, conducting root cause analysis to resolve issues and prevent future occurrences.
  • Implement and enforce security best practices and measures to protect the platform against threats such as DDoS attacks, intrusions, and data leaks, conduct regular security audits and ensure compliance with relevant regulations and industry standards.
Additional Information

At Dailymotion, we empower candidates to take action. If this job sounds like a great opportunity for you, be confident in your skills, we are always happy to meet you! If needed, we can accommodate our recruitment process for your special abilities.

  • Location: Paris (France)
  • Start Date: Upon you availabilities 
  • Contract Type: Permanent & Full Time

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For the France offices 

  • 🏡Hybrid Work Framework 
  • 💰 Saving Plan Vivendi 
  • 🍼  Paternity leave or Coparental leave extended 

    🕶️  Living Employee Culture (Events / Trainings / Partys / All hands / Dailymotion tradition…) 

  • 🚀  Career development support (training / internal mobility / compensation cycle / 360 quarter feedback review …)
  • 🏥  High-end Health Insurance and Personal Services Vouchers (CESU)
  • ⛱️  Paid Time off – RTT and Saving time plan (CET)
  • ✅  Meal Vouchers – Public Transport and Bike refund 
  • 🎡 European Economic and Social Committee (sport membership/cinemas vouchers/gift vouchers/discount)  

Preferred experience

Required skills

  • A minimum of 5 years of experience in DevOps, with a proven track record of leading successful DevOps teams.
  • Proficiency in cloud computing platforms like AWS or Google Cloud and experience in deploying and managing cloud-based infrastructures at scale.
  • Proficiency in Kubernetes architecture, deployment, operations, and resource optimization.
  • Proficiency in DevOps technologies, principles, practices, and methodologies, including continuous integration, continuous delivery, infrastructure as code …
  • Proficiency in coding languages such as Python, Go, or Bash, adept at automating routine tasks, processes, and debugging code.
  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills with a proactive and results-driven approach.
  • Leadership and communication skills, adept at guiding and mentoring DevOps engineers within multidisciplinary teams and environments
  • Proficiency in managing multiple projects concurrently, adept at planning, prioritizing tasks, allocating resources efficiently, and consistently meeting project deadlines.

Nice to have

  • Experience in managing on-premise environments, involving physical servers, virtual machines, and network resources.
  • Experience with vulnerability scanning tools and techniques for identifying and mitigating security risks.
  • Understanding of networking concepts, TCP/IP protocols, VLANs, BGP …
  • Experience in managing geographically distributed microservices at scale.
  • Professional certifications (Cloud service providers, Kubernetes …)

Technical Stacks

  • AWS, GCP, and on-premise data centers (multi regions)
  • Kubernetes self-hosted, EKS,  GKE
  • Aerospike, MongoDB, Redis, Druid, Mysql, PgSql
  • Datadog, Prometheus
  • Terraform, salt-stack
  • Tekton, Argo, FluxCD, JenkinsX
  • Airflow, Beam, Dataflow, Flink
  • PHP, Python, Go, Java

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