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Creative Dock

  • Digital, FinTech / InsurTech, Incubator / Accelerator
  • Prague, Barcelona, Berlin, Kyiv, Milan, Munich, Neuilly-Sur-Seine, Vienna, Zürich
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Fairo is the most advanced mobile bank for freelancers. We offer business & private accounts, private & business debit cards, several payment options, and much more. On top of that, we offer a set of features beyond banking like nobody else: invoicing, accounting, and fully automatic tax submission. All unique solutions built specifically for freelancers.

  • It started in July 2020 in Ukraine, where it quickly gained over 30 000 registered users

  • The first country Fairo was scaled to is Romania with an aim to get 15 000 registered users by the end of 2022

Můj Albert is a loyalty program that combines inspiration, recipes, and cashback for the users. The app includes a digital card to collect credit points and the users can use them as a discount on their next purchase (1 credit = 1 CZK). The app also provides them with tailor-made content based on their food preferences - be it vegan, vegetarian, non-Lacto, etc. This way, it offers them favorite healthy products and limited offer products for more credits, recipes from popular Albert magazine, payments, collection of the digital receipts, and much more.

  • The app has been downloaded 1.4M times

  • More than 3000 reviews on Google Play

  • 72% of all app users are active at least once a week

  • By using the app, the customers saved 19 tunes of receipt within the first year = 6400 km in lenght


The Domy sobě project provides even older apartment buildings with modern and environmentally friendly technology allowing for significant energy savings.

It installs solar panels, remote reading systems, energy-saving heating controls, and security sensors and educates the general public on the subject of green energy.

  • Unlike the competition, Domy sobě provides an all-in-one service for the installation of solar panels
  • The demand for services of Domy sobě skyrocketed in 2022
  • Domy sobě allows buildings to save up to 35% on energy bills
Creative Dock


Pointa is an online publishing service that connects authors, publishing professionals, and readers being an alternative to both traditional publishers and self-publishing. It provides book professionals, book production process management, ISBNs and distribution. Compared to a traditional publisher, it gives authors more freedom or higher commissions. It also utilizes 30-day crowdfunding used to cover the production costs of the book.

  • 3.5 years on the market, part of Albatros Media from 2020
  • Over 250 books were published and 120 thousand copies sold
  • Crowdfunding raised over CZK 20 million


Rentalit was established in 2020 and has been part of the J&T Finance Group since 2021. It offers an operating leasing service for computers, phones and tablets for business in the Czech market.

  • Leasing for small and medium-sized companies
  • Its client base doubled last year
  • It financed several thousand pieces of equipment worth tens of millions of CZK

Forget everything you knew about insurance. We created Mutumutu with the ambition to provide our customers with human insurance. One that has a contract written on a few pages, one that doesn't need tons of exclusions and legal disclaimers in a small print. We came up with a simple insurance policy that everyone understands and trusts. Moreover, we want people to live healthy that is why we reward our clients for the active lifestyle!

  • Life insurance that returns 30% of your premium for living a healthy life

  • Thanks to the sports challenge with Mutumutu, clients have already run 4,050,581 minutes and walked 8,834,760 steps

  • Awards: Golden Crown 2021 (fintech), Web Top 100 (Startup of the Year 2021), Plug and Play Munich (People's Choice Award for the best Insurtech startup for 2019), Hospodářské noviny Award (Most Client-Friendly Life Insurance Company 2019)



The is a platform allowing everyone to lend money to companies and entrepreneurs. Businesses and freelancers in the Czech Republic get a chance to get affordable loans and small investors can get a better interest rate than on a savings account in the bank. The platform ensures a completely fair and transparent funding process.

  • The platform has already attracted 634 small investors, who can profit from interest rate of up to 16.99%
  • So far, funded 14 projects worth CZK 10 million
  • Companies are evaluated using smart scoring taking into account both the company's current performance and its future prospects alike.

About Creative Dock

Creative Dock Group was founded as a disruptive Czech startup. Thanks to ambition and hard work, it is Europe's largest independent venture builder now.

“We build digital products and companies from idea to scale. We innovate corporations and help them find new sources of revenue or even change their business model through digitization and digitalization.”

CD Group operates in 10 countries, where it employs 450+ people. It has launched 66+ products and companies all around Europe including Zonky (CZ), Stekkie (NL), Dokio (HU), Mutumutu (CZ), Fairo (UA/RO), or CareDriver (DE). Many of them have already been scaled to new markets.

The company's European capacity is focused on the DACH countries, where we have a strong presence with large offices in Vienna, Zurich, Berlin and elsewhere around the region. Besides successful company building done by all our offices, Berlin has attracted quite a large number of clients due to its exceptional ability in providing unique business foresight.

What does Creative Dock do?

It helps European corporates, investors, and governments in the global digitalization race. CD Group is proud to create:

  • impactful enterprises
  • outstanding products
  • new business models
  • customer-friendly services

With a tailor-made approach to each project, Creative Dock focuses on fintech, insurtech, eHealth, eCommerce, energy, retail, or automotive. Yet, the portfolio and expertise is growing gradually.

Creative Dock has many opportunities for various tech people, innovation analysts, digital specialists, marketing gurus, and more. See the current Jobs tab.

Company Basics

Creative Dock prefers meaningful principles to a rule-based framework and puts outcomes before processes. It believes in creative freedom. “We listen, discuss and we’re open to change. Our methodology is to fall and rise again – come up with great ideas, and turn them into beloved products.”

Who is Creative Dock Looking for

Ideal candidates should share an affinity for CD’s internal culture and work ethics.

Exploring. “We look for imperfections, we dare to conquer the unexplored. We question, learn from our mistakes, and invite the unexpected.”

Impactful. “We want our products to transform lives. To make them better, easier, and/or fuller. We only work on projects that we personally believe in.”

Collaborative. “Cooperation is key. You are only as good as the people around you. Respect others. Move past your ego to realize your potential.”

What's Good to Know

As a European company, Creative Dock is based on sharing know-how not only among people and projects but also among different countries across the group. You might spend one year working on a project in Prague, another in Zurich, and the next one in Vienna, perhaps. The company favors personal interaction as much as possible. However, remote working is also an option.

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