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Expanding throughout Europe

In the 1990s, CPI started as a local Czech company on the real estate market. Now, CPI Property Group has become one of the most prominent actors in real estate investments in Europe. It operates in 12 European countries, and the largest part of its portfolio is located in the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia. The Group owns hundreds of companies, and its assets amount to CZK 242 billion. It primarily deals in retail, office spaces, hotels, and rental housing. Simply put, they usually purchase and renovate a building, which they subsequently manage and rent. They wish to operate fully rented buildings with satisfied tenants, which raises the market value of the real estate and maximizes the rental income.

Take Your Pick

The Prague office has 300 employees, but they still treat each other as a family, which is uncharacteristic for a corporation. The CPI Property Group has an open community of people who can efficiently communicate with one another and make quick decisions. It is not a corporation with complex approval or reporting processes. CPI is full of independent individuals who can think for themselves, like to work, and are in some way attracted to real estate. They offer a wide selection of professions. The company employs people from finance, development, project management, property management, asset management, IT, and lawyers. You can choose from a wide variety of options.

Take a Look Around

Since the Group deals with real estate in all possible ways, one can learn anything here – from purchases to management and development. Their buildings include Quadrio, the company headquarters, Olympia in Pilsen and Mladá Boleslav, City Park in Jihlava, etc. The company owns the largest regional centers, 15 department stores in total. CPI also owns the buildings of the headquarters of Nestlé or Česká pojišťovna and the largest hotel group in the Czech Republic, CPI Hotels. This allows them to offer their employees bargain accommodation within the hotel capacities.

Life is Change

In CPI, something constantly changes and moves forward. This can be easily utilized for the career growth of the employees. Every employee grows with the company since the entire CPI continues to evolve. It offers a wide range of jobs. That’s why the employees believe that nearly anyone can find work at the company, and, if necessary, they will help the newcomers find work that suits them the best. If someone decides that they are better suited for another work within the company, it is no big deal. It always depends on communication and willingness to help. That’s the most important thing in relation to the employees.

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