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Founded in 2015 with a mission to facilitate the transmission of knowledge. Beedeez is a Social Learning Platform that helps engage and retain your teams by turning them into learning communities to grow your business.

Thanks to a unique technology linked to a social learning method, Beedeez allows you to decentralize knowledge within your company so that everyone is both a learner and a trainer. By offering an innovative and social platform, Beedeez enables you to overcome all the training challenges of today and the future.

What they are looking for

Beedeez is looking for new talents who combine a desire to learn and a sense of educational methods with a real inclination to tech. Believing in their project is essential!

At Beedeez, there is no obligation to limit yourself to your job description: curiosity is the key word. If you are interested in marketing, if you want to discover code or if you want to attend a client meeting, you are welcome !

But above all, Beedeez is a team. Of course, we work, but that's not all. We sing, laugh, eat (a lot): beyond skills, we attach great importance to the personality of new recruits. Perpetuating the good atmosphere and preserving the pleasure of working together are part of the company's values.

Good to know

  • You don't need to be president or have 5 years of seniority to have a say: at Beedeez, everyone gives their opinion and every idea is welcome.
  • Ping-pong table or basketball hoop: choose your side !
  • Laughing at jokes is highly recommended (even mandatory for Rémi's jokes !)
  • Love to eat, no matter if it's a good burger or mozzarella tomatoes, no one will judge you.

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