Senior Customer Marketing Manager

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Welcome to the Jungle
Welcome to the Jungle

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​​In this role, you will join our Growth Team. In your everyday job as a Customer Marketing Manager, you will build engaging marketing campaigns, for all our products, to delight and engage existing customers. Your role is to increase customer satisfaction and utilize it to leverage business success, build and develop loyalty among our customer community.
You will report to the Team Lead Communities that aims to expand Welcome to the Jungle presence within 3 communities: Partnerships, customers, candidates.

Here is a list describing the tasks involved in this position: 

1. Designing and delivering Campaigns that drives Business Growth

- Create cross-functional campaigns to engage and activate our customers on our platform 
- You will collaborate with our paid acquisition manager for setting up paid campaigns on Facebook, Google Ads and Linkedin
- Adopt a data-driven approach and measure the success of all marketing activity, and constantly strive to improve results
- Developing and implementing a customer lifecycle campaign program. You will use various marketing channels (from email marketing to events dedicated to customers) to increase retention and cross-sell.

Among KPIs: Influence on net churn revenue, Marketing activities

2. Build an active community that communicates WTTJ’s values

- You will be in charge of announcing the product updates to our customers and creating demand about the arrival of new features (emails, video tutorial…) in partnership all key stakeholders.
- Develop a strategy to address both volume and dedicated segments of our community
-You will also contribute to the improvement of lead scoring and CMQLs flow 

Among KPIs: Active engagement on content, events, communications. Production of testimonials .# touches per quarter per customer

3. Be the voice of the customer 

- Actively track how our customers interact with our platform
- Constantly working on helping our customers to adopt and enjoy Welcome to the Jungle and analyse sales, surveys and customer profiles to increase renewals, cross-sell and upsell opportunities.
- Develop creative concepts to capture further reviews from our user base and leverage the review content for our business. 

Among KPIs: answer rate to NPS

Požadavky na pozici

- Proven experience (8+ years) in a similar role in evolutive, Saas or digital environments
- Track record in launching nurturing programs
- Stellar project management skills and mastery of HR challenges
- Excellent communication skills, both in French and English
- Deep Knowledge of Hubspot or other marketing automation platform required

In addition, the Customer Marketing Manager would have to present the following qualities and mindset:

- Data-driven, clear and straight to the point
- Organized and structured
- Ability to navigate ambiguity and thrive in a fast-moving company
- Ability to understand and work backwards from customer needs
- Appetite to work in matricial, cross-functional environments where your success depends on others success

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