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Wingly creates a unique access for the public to all private air services, enabling both people looking for experiences and regional air transport to find the right flight at the right price with a modern and efficient user experience. With a presence in 5 countries and more than 390,000 registered users, we are gearing up for the company’s next steps and preparing for the arrival of new models and new technologies to promote more sustainable aviation.

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With 11 nationalities out of 26 people, we are an international team passionate about the collaborative economy and with the will to democratize private aviation. We hire talent to supports our growth, talents that are looking to join an intense human adventure.

Good to know

We work hard, but we also enjoy team activities such as weekly after work drinks, team event, team building weekend and even flights aboard light aircraft and helicopters. Our headquarters are located in the heart of Paris.

Our values are the following: Sharing: Sharing is the central pillar of Wingly. It’s the sharing within our community of pilots and passengers and also the sharing of knowledge within our team. Finally, it’s about the sharing of our vision to democratize private aviation.

Enthusiasm: Enthusiasm is the spark that drives us forward and it is this enthusiasm for aviation and what we do that helps us contribute towards the democratization of flying. In the same way as an enthusiastic Wingly pilot would take you flying!

Perseverance: Since the start of Wingly, we have always demonstrated the ability to continually tackle challenges head-on while going beyond our means to achieve our goals. It is due to this perseverance that we were able to establish flight-sharing regulations on a European scale and that we will be able to keep bringing innovative new models to the private aviation market.

Safety: Safety is our core mindset. Our objective is to facilitate Wingly flights in the safest way possible. This is why we work with the European and national authorities to further promote a culture of safety on every flight we sell.

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