Coach yourself • On your own • But not alone

Life is made of waves • There are ups • There are downs • You’ll never stop the waves • But you can learn how to ride them • The best way to learn is to get coached in a professional manner • We believe everyone should have access to high-end professional coaching •

This is why Wave exists • Wave is an innovative start-up that aims to have a positive societal impact, on a mission to democratize high-end professional coaching for all

To achieve this vision • Wave builds a multimodal personal coaching intelligence

What they are looking for

Here are the underlying core values that drive the company and its talents: Watch the Horizon • Ride Big Waves • Kiffing Together

They're looking for autonomous, self-driven and doers-at-heart people to join the Wave.

Good to know

Employees wake up every day wanting to make a positive difference • By developing something that will change people’s lives for the better • You will clearly see the passion everyone has for Wave's mission •

Wave is a full-remote company by design • They don’t have an office • They love asynchronous communication • They avoid flooding people’s agendas with meetings • They have 3 hours of individual deep-work sessions every day (yes, every single day) • But they’re not remote-only • They also have regular synchronized gatherings •

The team has a strong bond even remotely • Thanks to the moments they take during the week to share, learn and play together • Without talking about their unforgettable quarterly offsite.

All employees are professionals with extensive experience • They have assembled a very senior team • Their culture is super international • And everyone is a doer at heart •

The company is global by nature • Both our clients and team members are living in a variety of countries • English is our official language •

There is a true autonomy and ownership for everyone • All companies say it but it’s 100% true • You can work from anywhere • Adapt your agenda the way it better suits your personal needs • And own your projects •

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