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Vestiaire Collective curates and connects the world's most desirable wardrobes and provides a trusted and sustainable new way of buying and selling pre-loved items.

Vestiaire Collective is a community driven online resale site dedicated to desirable premium and luxury fashion.

Founded in 2009, Vestiaire Collective launched with the aim of offering a high- quality resale site in which members can buy and sell luxury fashion in a trusted environment. The site stands out from other platforms due to its knowledgeable curation team, authenticity and quality control process as well as its extensive community of over 10 million members in 50 countries worldwide. In a new era of smart shopping, Vestiaire Collective is the answer to evolving attitudes to consuming fashion and the circular economy, giving customers the opportunity to extend the lifespan of pieces they no longer wear by bringing them back into circulation.

To date 500+ people are employed by the start-up and spread across the offices in Paris, Tourcoing, New York, Berlin, and Hong Kong.

What they are looking for

At Vestiaire Collective they are looking for talents whom are:

  • adaptable with a positive attitude, as things are changing in their office every day!
  • open-minded and honest, as they truly believe that they can only be the best if they are willing to challenge themselves and challenge others
  • problem-solving oriented and always motivated to work with teams to find innovative solutions
  • passionate for creating something bigger and better as they really make a difference in way of buying and selling pre-loved items.

Good to know

They like to spend time together as a big multi-cultural family! They meet regularly after work, at Town Hall meetings or at the occasional (informal) awesome party.

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