Upfluence is structured like most SaaS companies:

  • The Marketing & Sales Development team generates quality leads
  • The Sales team closes these leads into new business
  • The Customer Success & Services teams help clients achieve success with the software
  • The Tech team delivers the best Social Commerce software on the market
  • The Back Office teams make sure the business grows as fast as the topline.

Employee breakdown

  • Sales


  • Customer Success & Professional Services


  • Tech


  • Marketing


  • Back office


Sales Team

40+ people are part of the sales team all around the world. The sales team is divided into 3 SDR teams and 4 account executive teams.

2 teams are growing Europe and Asia businesses while 5 teams are developing North America and the rest of the world.

Whether they are working 100% remotely, partially remote, or face-to-face, the sales team is driven by the same spirit of conquest and collaboration.

As true experts in both Upfluence software and the influencer marketing industry, the team has a taste for challenge and works in great autonomy.

Tech Team

Together with the product team, the tech team will take part in creating and constantly improving Upfluence’s online platform.

They are DevOps minded with an empowered and autonomous team in an international and entrepreneurial environment. They strongly believe that collective intelligence is the very root of success for an engineering organization. Each and everyone has a word to say regarding the technical implementation of a feature.

The team is product-centric: they are not writing code for the sake of it, but to make sure the customers have the best experience using the product.

They love open source and contribute to it by opening their own libraries to share them with as many people as possible.

Team Customer Success

Driven by the passion for its customers, the Customer Success team's mission is to train and support all Upfluence software users so that they make the best possible use of the product and are as satisfied as possible with the partnership.

The team is international, based in France (Lyon) and in the United States (NYC, Los Angeles). The team members have a deep sense of listening and collaboration, and are both very supportive and autonomous. They are true experts of both Upfluence software and the influencer marketing industry.

Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.

Steve Jobs

Services Team

As true experts in influencer marketing and social commerce, the services team designs and implements customized and ambitious strategies for B2B and B2C brands worldwide. This multi-skilled team, with a lot of experience acquired on varied projects, is committed to supporting a wide range of brands in their projects and helping them achieve ambitious goals. The team is international, based in France (Lyon) and the United States (NYC, Los Angeles, 100% remote). They have a deep sense of listening and collaboration, and are both very supportive and autonomous.

Marketing Team

The marketing team's mission is to generate high-quality demand for Upfluence software. Marketing works hand in hand with the SDR (sales development representatives - in charge of outbound sales) and the sales team. The team has several areas of expertise:

  • paid acquisition: SEM, social ads, podcast sponsoring, etc.
  • organic acquisition: SEO, online reputation, reviews, etc.
  • conversion optimization (CRO): CRM, AB tests, websites, etc.
  • design
  • product marketing
  • press relations and communication. The team is young and passionate, from several nationalities, speaking English on a daily basis.